Top 10 Crypto Currency and Bitcoin App 2022 – Beginners Guide

You’ll need to discover the best crypto app with the lowest fees if you want to purchase and trade cryptocurrencies on your phone. The cryptocurrency and Bitcoin application industry has grown rapidly in recent years, with enormous numbers of apps. Presently, there are approximately as many Bitcoin applications as there are desktop applications.

To assist you, this guide examines the best 10 Crypto Currency and Bitcoin trading apps in 2022, taking into account all of the important characteristics to consider before installing a crypto app for your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Top 10 Crypto Currency and Bitcoin App 2022

Following is a list of the best cryptocurrency and Bitcoin apps that we found after searching the market:

  1. eToro – visit now
  2. Binancevisit now
  3. Crypto.comvisit now
  4. Coinbase – visit now
  5. Libertex – visit now
  6. – visit now
  7. XMvisit now
  8. XTB – visit now
  9. Alvexo – visit now
  10. Bitpanda – visit now

Top 10 Crypto Currency and Bitcoin Apps Reviewed

1. eToro

Overall, we found that eToro is the best cryptocurrency and Bitcoin app for 2022. The SEC, and the FCA in the United Kingdom, ASIC in Australia, and CySEC in Cyprus, regulate this service. This means you may safely trade cryptocurrencies on your phone without having to worry about your funds being stolen. eToro supports approximately 50 cryptocurrencies in its supported markets.

Furthermore, the eToro app’s minimum bitcoin trade requirement is only $10. eToro’s passive investment options are also appealing to us. This features a copy trading function that allows you to mimic a seasoned day trader’s crypto investments. You can also put your money into a diverse cryptocurrency portfolio that is managed by the eToro staff. In terms of user-friendliness, the eToro cryptocurrency app definitely shines.

The software is simple to use and does not require any prior investment knowledge. Furthermore, the software has been properly optimized for both iOS and Android smartphones. Another feature of the eToro app is that it supports additional asset classes. You’ll have access to thousands of US and overseas stocks in addition to FX, commodities, indexes, and ETFs.

Etoro is one of the crypto trading App


  • The ease with which it can be used
  • A social trading feature is available
  • There are almost 1,000 different financial products to trade
  • Payment options are varied
  • Online broker that is regulated
  • Stay informed about major market occurrences by subscribing to our news feed


  • EUR, AUD, GBP, and USD are the only currencies available
  • Customer service that is ineffective

2. Binance 

Binance application is suitable for those of you who want to actively buy and trade digital assets. There are three reasons for this. For starters, Binance has over 1,000 trading markets spanning a wide range of crypto assets, so if you identify an investment opportunity, it’s likely you’ll discover it on the app.

Binance has amazingly low trading commissions. The maximum you’ll pay is 0.10 percent for every slide or $10 for every $1,000 traded. Active traders and holders of BNB tokens, on the other hand, will be eligible for even better rates. In terms of volume and liquidity, Binance is the world’s largest bitcoin exchange. As a result, you’ll never suffer to enter and leave a trade at a favourable price when trading with the Binance app.

If you are an advanced trader, you’ll like the trading tools and features that are available. There are dozens of charting and technical indicators available, as well as bespoke order kinds. Access to leveraged goods is another feature that seasoned traders will appreciate in the Binance app. Crypto derivatives are offered on spot markets, futures, and even options. You can purchase Terra, Luna, and many other popular Bitcoin altcoins right now on the Binance exchange, which has a large selection of cryptos to pick from.

Your ability to use the Binance app will be determined by your location. Americans, for example, must utilize the app’s unique US edition. Nonetheless, after uploading some identification, you can finance your newly made Binance account with a debit or credit card. When using Visa or MasterCard, clients in the United States pay 4.5 percent plus a 0.5 percent buy order fee. Fees are waived for ACH and domestic bank wire transfers, although transaction times might take up to three days.

crypto trading App Binance


  • There are a lot of markets to trade on
  • Trading commissions are low
  • Charting options abound
  • By paying in BNB, you can lower your trading fees


  • In seven states in the United States, it is not available

3. is a popular bitcoin application and altcoin marketplace that allows you to buy Bitcoin and many other virtual currencies with a debit card. You may access over 250 digital assets by installing the app, which is accessible on both iOS and Android devices. Users can also buy any of these supported markets instantly using Visa or MasterCard for a 2.99 percent fee.

You must first create an account and complete a brief KYC process, which includes taking a photo of your government-issued ID with the app. is also one of the finest crypto apps for diversifying your portfolio, thanks to its wide range of supported markets. The app now facilitates bank transfers and provides a credit card in addition to debit cards. This crypto software provider uses a maker/taker fee system for typical trading commissions.

You will be charged 0.40 percent as a market taker when you place a purchase order and again when you cash out. Additionally, if you use the app frequently, lesser commissions are available. Another important feature of the app is the ability to save your idle digital assets. You will be paid interest for doing so, which is determined not just by the token but also by the lock-up duration.

It’s also worth noting that is the company behind CRO, one of the most popular cryptos on the market. When depositing funds into your savings account, you can utilize this token to lower trading commissions and enhance dividends. We also prefer because of its easy-to-use UI. As a result, you don’t need any prior trading knowledge to use the app to buy and sell digital currencies. trading app


  • There are around 250 cryptocurrencies to trade
  • Mobile app that is easy to use
  • Using a credit card, you can purchase cryptocurrency right away
  • By paying in CRO, you can save money on maker and taker costs


  • The instructional resources are limited

4. Coinbase

For people with little or no expertise trading in digital assets, Coinbase is probably one of the best bitcoin apps. In fact, consumers wishing to buy cryptocurrencies for the first time via a mobile app frequently select Coinbase, where the entire investment procedure is led step-by-step.

After that, you’ll be asked to finish the KYC process, which asks you to use your phone camera to take a picture of your passport or driver’s license. Then you’ll be asked which cryptocurrency you’d want to purchase and how you’d like to pay for it. Consider using a debit/credit card or PayPal for an example purchase. The transaction will be executed immediately as a result of this, however at a price of 3.99 percent.

If you’re willing to wait 1-3 working days for your cryptocurrency investment to go through, you can save 1.49 percent by using ACH. With the exception of XRP and BNB, most of the top-25 digital tokens in terms of market value are supported via the Coinbase app. You’ll also discover a good selection of ERC-20 tokens and even DeFi coins on dozens of different exchanges.

You will gain access to a wide range of security tools by downloading the Coinbase crypto app to your phone. Not only will you be forced to enter your selected PIN, but you will also be asked to pass two-factor authentication via a code provided to your phone via SMS. Coinbase’s platform also has cold storage, which is an important security feature. Finally, for added protection, Coinbase allows you to lock withdrawal requests for up to 48 hours.

trade crypto with coinbase crypto app


  • Platform that is simple to use
  • There are numerous payment options available
  • App that is simple to use
  • Secure hot wallet
  • Features that are useful


  • Cryptocurrencies are the only financial assets available

5. Libertex

Libertex is a CFDs specialist broker. Its head office is in Limassol, Cyprus, and it has been providing brokerage services since 1997. It presently has over 2 million customers all across the world.

They allow investors to trade more than 200 financial instruments, including roughly 50 cryptocurrencies and are both equally effective and complimentary.

They do have access to video training to help them learn how to use the platforms and comprehend the practical sides of money.

You have nothing to be concerned about in terms of dependability and safety. Cysec is in charge of Libertex.

With the cryptocurrency app, you may trade all of the financial products offered on Libertex Web.

However, the mobile version of MT4 is not yet available through the online broker. Libertex’s platform is the only way for customers to place orders.

The crypto app may be downloaded for free from the AppStore and Google Play Store. From your Android or iOS mobile device, you can manage your assets and take a position.

You can also subscribe to a news feed to keep up with market changes in real-time.

The user interface of Libertex is both comfortable and simple to use. As a result, it is appropriate for traders of all levels, including beginners. You can also open a demo account to experiment and get experience without risking any of your money.


  • Ease of use
  • Both Android and iOS are supported
  • Asset evolution is being tracked in real-time
  • Demo account
  • Platform that is regulated
  • There are several ways to pay
  • Follow-up on market news
  • More than a hundred countries have access to our services


  • In comparison to eToro, there is a limited selection of financial instruments
  • No cryptocurrency wallet

6. provides over 70 indicators to help investors improve their financial research and decision-making.

Since 2016, this broker has been working as an internet broker. is based in Cyprus, and services more than 700,000 customers worldwide.

This broker’s customer service is particularly well-liked by users of all levels: it is extremely responsive and can communicate in a variety of languages. has created its own platform for trading. It is well-known for its efficiency and ease of use. It is, nevertheless, better suited to more experienced traders. You also have access to about 75 indicators that make market analysis simple. gives you access to over 3,000 financial products, allowing you to diversify your asset portfolio. The NBRB, the CySec, and the FCA have all approved and regulated its activities.

Traders can also access a 30-year history of asset prices as well as more than 70 financial indicators.

Additionally, if you want to learn how to trade without risking your money, you can open a demo account. However, we would like to inform you that the broker’s Stop/Loss feature protects you against capital losses.


  • Trading platform that has won numerous awards
  • Broker who is regulated
  • There are 70 financial indicators to choose from
  • More than a quarter-century of history
  • Protection from negative balance
  • There is a free trial account accessible
  • There are several payment options available


  • Trading platform designed primarily for seasoned traders
  • There isn’t a cryptocurrency wallet

7. XM

The broker, which was founded in 2009, is known for its several trading platforms.

Users can choose from numerous versions of Meta Trader for the Web version, including MT4 and MT5 for PC and MAC, as well as Meta Trader Webtrader.

Beginners can also access educational content to assist them to understand the fundamentals of trading and growing faster in this environment. Even live training is offered on a regular basis.

On weekdays, you can contact customer care via email, chat, or phone at any time.

Customers of XM, who number in the millions, have access to over a thousand financial markets, including Forex, CFDs on stocks, and cryptocurrencies.

The Google Play Store and AppStore both provide free downloads of the software. It enables you to trade all of the financial products available in the Web version with ease.

Finally, we should mention that the broker is governed by the IFSC, CySec, and ASIC.


  • It is simple to use
  • There are several trading platforms to choose from
  • Several times regulated and rewarded online broker
  • Nearly 200 countries have access to it
  • There are several payment options available
  • Assets that are diverse
  • Customer service that is responsive


  • There is no cryptocurrency wallet
  • Social trading is not possible

8. XTB

For those looking to diversify their portfolio with financial assets other than Bitcoin, the XTB mobile application has shown to be a viable option.

XTB, an internet broker, was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in Poland. This broker is a well-known name in the industry of Forex and CFD trading.

XTB now has hundreds of thousands of subscribers in a number of countries throughout the world. XTB’s excellent reputation is due to its dependability. Several financial authorities, including CYSEC, FCA, the KFN, and the IFSC, regulate XTB.

Stocks, cryptocurrencies, CFDs, and commodities are just a few of the financial assets available at XTB.

Traders like the XTB platform because of its ease of use. All investor profiles may simply adapt to the trading platform’s UI, whether they are novice or seasoned traders.

XTB, an internet broker, also provides a mobile cryptocurrency software called xStation. This is a crypto program that can only be downloaded on Android devices.

Its key advantage is its user-friendly UI with simple features that make it simple to use. It is simple to use for both beginners and advanced users.

xStation keeps you connected to the world of trading by delivering you market news notifications.

The bitcoin app offers a feature that allows you to track your financial assets using an easy-to-read graph.


  • Platform that is simple to use
  • The application is simple to download and use, and it is also absolutely free
  • A wide range of financial assets are available
  • There is a demo account available
  • There are numerous useful features


  • There is no cryptocurrency wallet
  • Available only in 10 countries
  • iOS is incompatible with this app

9. Alvexo

Alvexo, a Cyprus-based internet broker, was founded in 2014. The website allows users to trade a variety of financial instruments, including the most popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Alvexo is well-known for being ideal for all types of traders. The platform has a user-friendly, simple, and ergonomic interface. It also features a lot of teaching information in the form of videos and tutorials, allowing beginners to progress fast.

Alvexo is entirely dependable in terms of its rules. Its activities are regulated by important financial bodies such as CySEC and the Financial Services Authority (FSA).

On the Alvexo application, you can trade Bitcoin as a CFD. All you have to do is create an account, deposit money, and begin trading. CFDs are better suited to short-term investments.


  • Spreads are relatively minimal
  • There is a lot of instructional material here
  • A smartphone version is available
  • There are a lot of financial assets
  • Platform that is simple to use
  • Broker who is completely regulated
  • At the transactional level, maximum security
  • Customer service is of exceptional quality


  • There are only a few cryptocurrencies accessible
  • There is no digital wallet
  • The minimum deposit is quite high

10. Bitpanda

Bitpanda is a cryptocurrency exchange that was established in 2014. The company’s headquarters are in Vienna, Austria.

Given that over a million clients are presently enrolled on the site, this is a tremendously popular broker. The basis for this enthusiasm is the fact that it is dependable. Bitpanda is a digital asset service provider licensed with the AMF.

At Bitpanda, you have the option of trading a wide range of financial products. There are around fifty different cryptocurrencies, including the most popular one like Bitcoin.

A cryptocurrency application is available from Bitpanda. It is available for download through the official Google Play and App Stores for Android and iOS, respectively. The crypto mobile app, like the web version, is simple to use and has a streamlined layout.

The mobile app has a lot of useful features and services that make it enjoyable to use. You can, for example, perform financial asset purchases, sales, and exchanges directly from its interface.

It is also able to measure the management of your assets in real-time. Finally, the cryptocurrency app displays a transaction history.

Bitpanda also offers its own hot wallet where you may safely keep your cryptocurrency. All traders who have registered on the site get free access to the portfolio.


  • App that is simple to use
  • Customer service is of exceptional quality
  • A wide range of financial assets and cryptocurrencies are available
  • Transactions can be paid for with a Bitpanda crypto card
  • Platform users have free access to the digital wallet


  • When compared to the competitors, transaction fees are high

How to Find the Best Crypto Currency and Bitcoin App for You?

If you’re still undecided about which cryptocurrency app is best for you, consider the following factors.


In your hunt for the finest crypto app, the most significant factor to examine is whether or not the supplier is regulated. As we said in our eToro review, this crypto software provider is regulated on a number of levels.

This covers SEC, FCA, ASIC, and CySEC-issued licenses. This implies that if you put money into the eToro crypto app, you can be assured that your money is safe.

We did, however, come across certain crypto apps that do not require a license to function. You may never be 100% confident that your money is safe while dealing with such a company.

Supported Markets

Some crypto programs let you trade a wide range of digital currencies, while others concentrate on only a handful.

Binance, for example, has over 1,000 cryptocurrency markets spread across a wide range of projects. eToro is also helpful for diversification because it offers a wide range of digital assets.

It’s best to pick a crypto app that gives you access to a variety of marketplaces because you’ll be able to build a broad portfolio quickly.

This means you won’t have any trouble buying if you notice a possible profit-making possibility and your bitcoin app of choice accepts the cryptocurrency.


When it comes to costs, you should look into a range of charges before signing up for a crypto app.

This includes commissions on trades, deposits, withdrawals, spreads, and more.

In the sections following, we’ll go over these costs in further depth:

Trading Commissions

When you acquire a digital currency, several crypto trading programs will charge you a commission. When you cash out your position, you must also pay a commission.

The commissions charged by different crypto app providers can be rather different. Coinbase, for example, charges 1.49 percent per slide.

Binance is extremely competitive, with a fee of only 0.1 percent for each slide. The broker eToro is also competitive since it uses a spread-only pricing methodology.

It’s critical that you aren’t overcharged to make trade orders, regardless of the crypto app you choose to sign up with.

High trading fees will eat into your potential profit margin, which is why you should avoid them.

Deposit Fees

When you add funds to your crypto trading app, you may have to pay deposit fees. This may also be determined by the payment option you select.

For example, if you want to deposit funds with Visa or MasterCard, crypto apps often charge between 3-5 percent.

To give you a sense of what I’m talking about. Binance charges 4.5 percent to US customers, whereas Coinbase costs 3.99 percent.

This is obviously costly, especially when you consider that eToro does not charge any deposit fees on debit or credit cards when paying in US dollars.

Furthermore, when you use an e-wallet like PayPal or Neteller, ACH, or a bank wire, eToro does not impose any deposit fees.


Because many crypto apps do not display this cost, it is more difficult to comprehend. For those who are unfamiliar, the spread is the percentage difference between the bid and ask price of the digital currency you want to trade.

If the spread is 0.7 percent, for example, you are paying a 0.7 percent premium to access the market.

As a result, you’ll need to make a profit of at least 0.7 percent to benefit from this transaction.


Trading cryptocurrencies on a smartphone can be challenging, not least because you’ll be looking at a considerably smaller screen than you would on a laptop or desktop computer.

As a result, it’s critical that the crypto software you use provides a smooth and easy-to-use trading experience. If the app has been thoroughly optimized for your operating system, this is possible.

The best method to judge is to use the crypto app’s demo account feature if one is available. This means you can place orders, conduct research, examine pricing charts, and more without putting your money at risk.

You can then proceed to open an account after you are certain that the crypto trading app is correct for you.

Tools and Features

Top-rated suppliers like eToro,, and Coinbase offer a variety of essential tools and features while looking for the best crypto applications for 2022. This will allow you to get the most out of the crypto app by allowing you to find trading opportunities at the touch of a button.

The eToro copy trading tool was the best feature we discovered. You can trade in a passive manner with this instrument because you will be duplicating the positions of an experienced investor. Any position taken by the investor will be replicated in your portfolio.

Binance is a good option if you’re seeking super-advanced trading tools. The Binance app is an excellent choice since it contains everything from technical indicators and charting features to TradingView connectivity.

Customer Service

You may contact a member of the support team in real-time using the top crypto apps. Some of the suppliers we found, for example, include a live chat option.

This allows you to communicate with the customer service department without having to write an email or dial a phone number. We also favor crypto programs that provide customer assistance around the clock, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

How to start using a Bitcoin App?

Install the eToro app and create a Bitcoin account using this step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Downloading the eToro App

The following are the steps to get a download the bitcoin app:

  • Go to your mobile device’s store (Google Play Store or AppStore).
  • In the search bar, type “eToro.”
  • Choose “eToro” from the drop-down menu.
  • Select “Install”.

The download begins automatically, and the installation proceeds without your assistance. Unless there are challenges with internet, the operation is usually swift.

Step 2: Starting the Application

So, go to the home page and click on it to open it.

To proceed to the registration stage, click “Continue” then “Start.”

Step 3: Registration 

You must decide a username, submit your email address, and establish a password to create an account.

You must also agree to the broker’s Terms of Service, as well as its Cookies and Privacy Policy.

Finally, press the “Create an account” button.

You can also use your Facebook or Google account to log in directly. The broker then verifies your registration using the personal information you provided on these networks. This speeds up the procedure.

Step 4: Complete your Profile

You now have an account with eToro. To authenticate your registration, you must, however, complete your profile. Go to the menu and select “Complete profile”  and provide extra personal information, such as your surname and first name, your residence, your occupation, or even your annual salary.

Respond to a series of questions about your goals, the risks you’re willing to accept, and your financial expertise and education.

Step 5: Verify Your Account

After that, you must go through identification verification to gain access to the features. To do so, open the eToro confirmation email and click on “Check now.”

You must next supply a valid mobile phone number, to which you will receive a code very instantaneously. Then type it into the appropriate field. Finally, upload your identification documents.

Step 6: Deposit Funds 

To trade Bitcoins, you must first fund your account. Select Deposit funds, in the box that opens, indicate the amount you intend to pay, the correct currency, and the payment method: bank transfer, Skrill, Neteller, or debit/credit card.

After that, you must enter contact information for the payment options you’ve chosen. When you’re finished, tap “CONTINUE” and follow the app’s instructions.

Step 7: Search the crypto you want to purchase

You should have a verified and funded eToro account at this point in our step-by-step guide. If that’s the case, you can now utilize the search box to locate the digital asset you want to purchase.

We’re looking for ‘Bitcoin’ in the example above. Click ‘Trade’ once you’ve found your preferred digital currency.

Step 8: Buy Crypto

Let eToro know how much amount you want to spend on your selected cryptocurrency in the ‘Amount’ box.

 Then click the ‘Open Trade’ option to place your coin order.


To conclude, you can purchase, trade, and possibly store Bitcoins using a cryptocurrency and Bitcoin application on your smartphone or tablet. Exercise caution when determining which one is suitable for you, as their numbers are expanding by the day. For the security of your Bitcoins and the performance of your investment, you’ll need trustworthy cryptocurrency and bitcoin software.

We recommend the eToro platform as one of the best Bitcoin applications on our list. Indeed, its reputation is unrivaled, and its wealth in financial holdings, as well as its ergonomics, are obvious assets.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best cryptocurrency application?

If you’re searching for an SEC-regulated provider with extremely low fees, we concluded that eToro is the best crypto app for 2022. You can also use the program to use copy trading techniques, which allows you to purchase and sell digital currencies passively.

When can you start trading Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies?

To exchange financial assets, you must normally be of legal age.

Are there any other options for storing Bitcoin aside from online wallets?

Hardware wallets, or real wallets, are also available. They are generally more secure and come in the shape of a hard drive or USB key.

Is keeping Bitcoins on an exchange risky?

It is largely determined by the platform’s level of security. However, the threat of hacking is always present. As a result, we recommend transferring your purchases to a private wallet as soon as feasible.

Is it possible to make payments with cryptocurrencies?

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are now accepted in an increasing number of stores and service platforms.