Best NFT Stocks You Should Buy In UK 2022

Are you considering the best NFT Stocks to purchase? This article will help you choose an investment by contrasting the top NFT stocks.

NFTs, which are blockchain-based digital assets of value, are so well-liked these days that the market is expected to reach over 41 billion in 2022. Compared to 2021 statistics, the market’s worth increased by more than 20,000%.

Firms using NFT technology, entertainment companies, metaverse companies, NFT markets, collector companies, companies making money from investing in NFTs, and funds monitoring NFT indices can all issue NFT equities.

In this guide, we will cover the best NFT stocks and stocks that invest in NFTs.

Best NFT Stocks You Should Buy In UK 2022

What Are NFT Stocks?

For any other corporation listed on a public stock exchange, NFT stocks or stocks affiliated to NFT operate similarly to regular stocks. Shares are issued by companies that have gone public by listing them on a stock exchange like the New York Exchange. However, as they are issued by businesses or investment funds that have a direct or indirect investment in NFTs, we refer to them as NFT stocks.

It is possible to invest in NFT businesses, NFT games, NFT artwork, NFT music, NFT collectibles, NFT marketplaces, and NFT technology or services through a fund, such as an ETF that issues these equities on a public stock exchange.

The Commodities Trading Commission or the Securities Exchange Commission often conducts thorough audits of the firm issuing these NFT-related equities whenever it wants to go public. These audits ensure that the businesses will protect investor capital to a higher degree than unlisted corporations.

As a result, shareholders who purchase these stocks are legally guaranteed a profit as dividends. In other words, when investors purchase stocks, they are providing the company with money to spend on other important projects.

Best NFT Stocks 2022

In the industry, there is no pure-play company of NFT stocks. This suggests that if you invest in NFT equities, you will be buying shares in companies operating in different sectors of the economy.

The sections below contain a list of the top ten NFT stocks.

  1. eBay (NASDAQ: EBAY)
  2. Coinbase (NASDAQ: COIN)
  3. Draftkings (NASDAQ: DKNG)
  4. Cloudflare (NYSE: NET)
  5. Mattel (NASDAQ: MAT)
  6. Nike (NYSE: NKE)
  7. Twitter (NYSE: TWTR)
  8. McDonald’s (NYSE: MCD)
  9. Defiance NFT ETF (NYSEARCA: NFTZ)
  10. Heineken (AMS: HEIA)

Best NFT Stocks analysis



On eBay, a world-wide online marketplace, users may buy and sell items from the comfort of their own homes. The company was established in 1995, and three years later it went public.

As of this writing, eBay has a market valuation of over $30 billion and trades on the NASDAQ exchange. Despite being well-known for its online marketplace service, eBay has just recently made a foray into the NFT business.

To put it briefly, the platform now makes it possible for reliable merchants to post NFTs for sale. An auction listing with a set price or a fixed price can be used to carry this out. Crucially, eBay will make an effort to become the preferred website for beginners wishing to buy NFTs, not least since the marketplace offers traditional payment methods.

In contrast, a few of the most well-known NFT marketplaces solely allow cryptocurrency transactions. As of this writing, eBay has a wide range of listings, including trading cards, crypto art, and music NFTs When it relates to revenue, eBay charges NFT dealers a flat commission of 5% of the total selling price.

eBay  Best NFT Stocks price

Since none of the alleged hazards are actually assumed, eBay may now finally enter the NFT business. The history of this top-rated NFT stock reveals that over the preceding five years, shares of eBay have climbed by more than 70%. The 12-month returns are less encouraging, with eBay shares declining by 12%.

Coinbase (NASDAQ: COIN)


The following stock on our ranking of the most popular NFT stocks for 2022 is Coinbase. That Coinbase, one of the biggest crypto exchanges around the world, intends to dominate the NFT market is not surprising. Having said that, Coinbase is continually developing its NFT project, as it announced in late 2021.

We are clear, however, that the platform is developing an NFT market place where individuals will be able to buy, sell, and trade NFTs from a variety of specialist perspectives. Along with its marketplace, Coinbase wants to enable users to create NFTs directly from within its platform.

Additionally, Coinbase will make the formation of NFTs as easy as possible, in complete accordance with its existing cryptocurrency trading services. By doing this, it will be possible for artists from all backgrounds to produce and market NFTs through a single center. From the standpoint of investments, Coinbase only went public in April 2021. Because of this, there is significant room for growth for Coinbase, a growth stock.

Coinbase Best NFT Stocks price

The stocks are currently trading at a discount of more than 50% from their IPO offering price.

Draftkings (NASDAQ: DKNG)


Draftkings, an online betting and fantasy sports company, was established in 2012. 2019 saw the IPO of Draftkings stocks on the NASDAQ. The price per share back then would have been a little less than $10.The equities’ worth has since climbed by over 67 percent based on pricing at the time of writing.

Having said that, the shares have decreased by more than 70% over the past year, making this another NFT that may be purchased at a steep discount. Draftkings has since started a program that frequently releases new sports-related tokens in order to increase its exposure to NFTs. This is made possible by working with Autograph, which offers NFTs that notable athletes have signed.

Draftkings Best NFT Stocks price

A current illustration is the Tom Brady edition, which has 100 NFTs and costs $250 per one. Another feature of Draftkings is a secondary market where users can trade NFTs with one another.

Cloudflare (NYSE: NET)


If investing in businesses with significant upside momentum is your primary goal while looking for popular NFT stocks, Cloudflare is definitely worth a second look. Simply said, Cloudflare is a well-known software company that specializes in sending stuff safely over the cloud. It can provide blazing-fast execution rates and is home to one of the biggest networks in the sector.

Cloudflare now has the ability to support NFTs to make sure the company keeps innovating. Direct NFT creation is not currently possible on the Cloudflare infrastructure. Therefore, you would still require the services of a third party, such as OpenSea.

Cloudflare Best NFT Stocks price

You can safely upload the NFT you have created to your Cloudflare account once you receive its special token ID. Cloudflare is one of the top-performing stocks in terms of share price movement, not just in the NFT sector but also in the larger markets. In fact, Cloudflare’s stock has soared by more than 500 percent since it launched on the NYSE in September 2019.

The NYSE Composite, in contrast, has grown by only 27% throughout the same time span. In more recent instances, the prior year saw gains of 57 percent for Cloudflare stock. Over the same period, the NYSE Composite only increased by 4%.

Mattel (NASDAQ: MAT)


Originally created in 1945, Mattel is a reputable toy manufacturer. The company’s 1960 NASDAQ launch makes it one of the oldest NFT equities we will examine today. On the one hand, the value of Mattel stocks has stagnated recently. In actuality, not much has happened in Mattel’s stock price since early 2017.

For instance, Mattel stock has increased by less than 1% over the last five years of trading. The shares have only increased by 8% over the last 12 months. Having stated that, Mattel is making an effort to penetrate the NFT market in an effort to resuscitate its business strategy. Mattel has begun auctioning off NFTs associated with its well-known toy brands since June 2021.

Mattel Best NFT Stocks price

The company initially produced Hot Wheels NFTs, which were a resounding success. Barbie NFTs can now be purchased directly from the Mattel Creations website by customers. Even though Mattel has been a publicly traded corporation for more than 60 years, it doesn’t now pay a dividend. This is because dividends, which were stopped in 2018, will now restart.

Nike (NYSE: NKE)


Nike is the next firm on our list of best NFT stocks for 2022. In short, by purchasing RTFKT Studios, Nike just demonstrated its desire to join the NFT and metaverse businesses. The majority of the show NFTs created by RTFKT Studios can be worn, purchased, and sold in the metaverse.

With its virtual shoe collections, RTFKT Studios has already achieved enormous success. Elon Musk personally purchased a pair for over $90,000. Additionally, it is certainly only a matter of time until Nike starts selling its digital NFT series now that it has fully bought RTFKT Studios. Given the high level of brand loyalty that Nike enjoys, the NFT sector may be quite profitable.

Nike Best NFT Stocks price

If you agree with this opinion, you will be buying a stock that has returned almost 130% over the last five years. Nike has faced some minor difficulties in the last year, as evidenced by the 6% decline in the value of its equities. Nike also distributes a regular dividend, with a running yield of around 1% as of this writing.

Twitter (NYSE: TWTR)


It is crucial to remember that social media juggernaut Twitter does not provide any kind of NFT marketplace. Additionally, the platform forbids the creation or storage of NFTs. However, some of the most popular NFT collections to date have been promoted inadvertently via Twitter.

The Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT series, which includes 10 thousand unique tokens, is an excellent example of this. Many of these tokens are currently owned by a wide spectrum of A-list celebrities like Justin Bieber, Eminem, and Snoop Dogg.

It’s important to note that several of the celebrities named above used the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT as their Twitter profile images. So, this alone gave the collection exposure on a global scale. As a result, many BAYC NFTs have since traded on marketplaces for more than $1 million.

Twitter Best NFT Stocks price

Twitter’s shares have lately received a fresh lease of life, which could make it a promising NFT investment for your portfolio. This is due to the recent confirmation that Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, has acquired a 9.2 percent share in the company. This led to a rise on Twitter of over 25% on the day of the announcement.

McDonald’s (NYSE: MCD)


Although it may surprise you to see that McDonald’s is included in our list of the most popular NFT stocks, the fast food juggernaut has made it obvious that it intends to enter this market. In the first place, McDonald’s has already introduced its first NFT. In late 2021, McDonald’s started dropping NFTs to celebrate the 40th anniversary of their well-known McRib burger. The company announced the event on Twitter.

The Ethereum blockchain is the foundation for the NFT collection, and the company plans to release additional tokens every year. It is also thought that McDonald’s is attempting to extend its enormous restaurant network into the metaverse in addition to its NFT series.

McDonald’s Best NFT Stocks price

The ten trademark applications that McDonald’s has since submitted for approval state that the company wants to provide a virtual restaurant with real and fake goods. Additionally, it is said that this will work in tandem with a home delivery service. How far McDonald’s management will take its metaverse idea is yet to be seen.

No matter what happens with its NFT and metaverse adventure, McDonald’s is still a well-liked blue-chip stock. This dependable and strong global brand has had its share price rise by almost 90% over the previous years. In addition to that, based on current prices, there is a running dividend yield of 2.2 percent.


Based in New York In 2021, Defiance introduced the first ETF focused on NFTs. Investors can gain exposure to non-fungible tokens, blockchains, and cryptocurrencies through the ETF. It makes investments in NFT marketplaces, NFT issuers such as Coinbase and Playboy, cryptocurrency, and blockchain.

This is one of the firm’s ETFs. The first 5G ETF, QTUM quantum computing ETF, SPAK spac ETF, HYDRO hydrogen ETF, PSY psychedelics ETF, CRUZ, and BIGY big data ETF are among the others.

The NFT-based ETF is named the BITA NFT and Blockchain Select Index, and it follows the performance of corporate portfolios having exposure to NFTs, blockchain, and cryptocurrency.

Defiance NFT ETF Best NFT Stocks price

25% of the fund’s total assets are allocated to these sectors. It is non-diversified, passive, and rebalanced every three months. As a result, it can invest more money in single-issuer securities or with fewer issuers than if it were a diversified fund.

In 2021, the net asset of the ETF was $11.50 million. Its expenditure ratio is 0.65 percent, and 38 equities, mostly traded on the NYSE, are included in its portfolio.

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Heineken (AMS: HEIA)


Leading beer brands eventually made their way into the NFT market; it was only a matter of time. Heineken is at the forefront of this, having just produced its first beer NFT collection. This NFT, known as Heineken Silver, can be “tried” on the Decentraland platform, one of the biggest Metaverse efforts in this sector.

Heineken Silver’s introduction has garnered some much-needed press, despite the fact that its only objective is to demonstrate that the company has a humorous perspective on the NFT revolution. Heineken’s share price has been rather stable over the past few years, according to the NFT stock’s share price movement. For instance, the five-year increase in Heineken stock prices is only 8%.

Heineken  Best NFT Stocks price

The stock price has decreased by 2% over the last 12 months. Heineken pays dividends, but as of this writing, the company’s yield is only 1.3 percent. The Euronext Amsterdam is where Heineken trades.

Why should you buy NFT stocks?

The primary driver for individual or corporate investors in the field should be the most recent rapid growth or anticipated future boom in non-fungible tokens and their prices. The most recent boom has increased the value of stocks for NFT-related businesses. It is the cause of an increase in the number of NFT companies issuing stocks and going public.

Some people and businesses that are already aware of what NFT in equities is may invest in them for additional reasons, such as diversifying their portfolios.

A business may also invest in NFTs if it has an interest in advancing these technologies or providing them to other businesses. It can achieve this through customary practices like filing paperwork to become a startup in the industry or through buyouts, mergers, or amalgamations.

How to invest in NFT Stocks?

You need to do a few actions in order to add the well-known NFT stocks to your portfolio today. Below is a step-by-step investment process for NFT stocks:

Step 1: Choose a broker

Here is a review of a well-known stockbroker who provides NFT stocks for investment:

eToro: Best broker to buy NFT stocks


At eToro, you can easily buy and sell any of the ten firms from our list of the top NFT stocks for 2022. In fact, setting up a verified account, making a deposit, and purchasing your preferred NFT stocks shouldn’t take you longer than five minutes.

When you have money in your freshly created eToro account, you can go on to commission-free NFT stock purchases. Additionally, because eToro supports fractional shares, you only need to risk $10 per NFT stock.

The commission-free pricing structure of eToro is applicable to several foreign exchanges in addition to UK-listed stocks.

With eToro, you have access to copy and social trading tools in addition to being able to make your own DIY investments in stocks, ETFs, and digital currencies. The former enables passive trading by automatically replicating an experienced investor’s portfolio.

Another well-liked aspect of the eToro platform is its user-friendly smartphone app. This app is accessible on iOS and Android and allows you to buy and sell NFT stocks while you’re on the move. For your safety, eToro is subject to strict regulation.

Step 2: Open an account

To use the capabilities of this broker, you must open a trading account after selecting a trading platform to buy and sell stocks on. We will therefore guide you through the process of opening an eToro account to buy NFT stocks.

First, go to the eToro brokerage company’s official website. To start the process of setting up a trading account with eToro, click on the signup page. You will next need to fill out the registration form with some basic information.

Then select “Create Account” after reviewing eToro’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

etoro registration

Step 3: Make your first deposit

It’s time to fund your trading account to purchase stocks after creating your account. Click “Deposit Funds” to get started. As a result, you must decide on your preferred payment methods, payment currency, and deposit amount.

To finish funding the account, click the Submit button.

etoro deposits

 Step 4: Buy the NFT stock

Purchasing the stocks you are interested in is the last step. The TwitterNFT stock is displayed here. On the eToro platform, you must first conduct a search for that stock. Either type “Twitter” into the search field or select “Markets” from the eToro section, followed by “Stocks.”

etoro Twitter trade

Finally, click “Buy” after selecting Coinbase from the list of tradable stocks.

etoro Twitter trade


Numerous well-known businesses from numerous industries have entered the NFT space. Additionally, by making investments in these businesses, you can indirectly and cautiously expose yourself to NFTs.

With their current momentum, it is safe to claim that NFTs are not moving in any direction. Stocks of NFTs make good long-term investments. The key is selecting the appropriate material. Similar to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, NFT is volatile, but it differs from cryptocurrencies in that it grants ownership rights. Investors, however, anticipate that the upward trend will continue. We advise you to purchase the stocks using eToro.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are NFT stocks?

Companies with exposure to NFT assets issue NFT stocks, which are securities that are listed and tradable on stock and capital markets like Nasdaq and the New York Stock Exchange.

These businesses include those engaged directly in the trade of NFTs, as well as those dealing with NFT technologies, entertainment businesses, collectibles businesses, NFT marketplaces, and NFT collections. In other words, NFT-related stocks are currently the most important phrase.

How do I purchase NFT shares?

An online broker that supports your preferred companies might be used to purchase stock NFTs.

Can you invest in NFT stocks?

You can invest in a company by buying its stock if you like the way it looks and it operates in the NFT market.