Best Short Term Investments UK – Beginners Guide

A short-term investment is an immediate cost aimed at enriching third parties who accept it in the short run. If you’re looking for a short-term investments, you’re looking for a safe place to get some cash for the not-too-distant future. The volatile markets and economic collapse of 2020 have left many investors with cash after the current Covid-19 crisis, and 2021 remains uncertain as the economy recovers from lost lands. So people are looking for investment for a short-term period and considering it a safer investment.

Short-term investing is not for everyone. They can sometimes really test the sentiments of traders/investors, but they can also be an interesting opportunity to earn significant cash gains in a short amount of time.

This article guides you through the best potential short-term investments you can make in today’s market. We have picked and prepared the list of best short-term investment opportunities in the UK.

What is a short-term investment?

Short term investments

A short-term investment is an immediate cost aimed at enriching third parties who accept it in the short run. Before investing, you can use certain tools, such as return on investment (ROI), to evaluate the relevance of your investment.

For each classification, the systems do not meet the same requirements. For companies, increasing the means of production or modernizing outdated production units is often a problem. But the ultimate goals remain the same for everyone. It’s about making money. Profits are not necessarily monetary.

When making short-term investments, it is often done because someday you will need money. For example, if you’re saving for a down payment for a house or wedding, you need to have money. Short-term investments are investments made for less than three years. You are sacrificing potentially higher returns for the assurance that you have the money.

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What determines a good investment?

A good investment fits your profile and long-term ambitions. You don’t have to make the most lucrative investment if you’re completely risk-averse. As we have seen, certain tools allow you to quantify the effectiveness of your investment. From this perspective, ROI allows you to classify investments based on profitability. So, choose the one you prefer.

A good investment is undoubtedly a diversified investment that optimizes the risk-return to the maximum. After all, a good investment reflects your worth. If you want to finance a greener economy, it is unthinkable to invest in commodities like oil, despite the returns.

A good investment is sum up of your profile

Every investor profile is different. There is no perfect product that is right for every investor. There are so many characteristics that define the profile of the investor.

 These characteristics are-

  • Degree of risk aversion
  • Age
  • Your property and family situation
  • Investment period (short-term, medium-term, long-term)
  • Your financial education
  • Time

All these parameters create a profile. A good investment is solely depending on your profile.

Best short term investment UK 2021

We have picked the best short-term investments that yield huge returns. Following are the best short term investments-

  • Saving accounts
  • Equities
  • Short-term corporate bond funds
  • Money market accounts
  • Short-Term Investment-Grade Treasury Bonds
  • Cash management accounts
  • Corporate bonds funds
  • Certificate of deposits
  • Money Market Mutual Funds

Savings Accounts

saving account short term investments

A savings account at a bank or credit union is usually a good alternative to having your cash in a checking account that pays little interest on your deposits. The bank regularly pays interest to your savings account.

It’s a good idea for savers to compare savings accounts because it’s easy to find and open a bank with the highest interest rates. Savings accounts are very liquid and you can add money to your account. However, savings accounts generally only allow limited withdrawals or transfers per billing cycle.


equities for short term investments

Investing in stocks and buy shares for short-term gains is risky, but the rewards are well worth it. Investors looking to take short-term positions will make their decisions by referring to fundamentals such as sales, revenues, and earnings, as well as technical considerations such as volatility. Expecting short-term returns can be tricky when a company’s stock price doesn’t move much for a month or two.

Short-Term Corporate Bond Funds

short term investments - corporate bond

Corporate bonds are bonds issued by large corporations to finance their investments. They are generally considered safe and pay interest regularly, perhaps quarterly or twice a year.

A pension fund is a collection of corporate bonds from a variety of companies, typically offered by companies of different industries and sizes. This diversification means that under-performing bonds don’t hurt overall performance significantly. The pension fund pays interest regularly. You can also read our beginners guide on Best Ways to Invest Money UK

Money Market Accounts

A money market account is another type of bank deposit and usually pays a higher interest rate than a savings account, but usually requires a higher minimum investment. Although federal law places some restrictions on withdrawals, money market accounts are highly flexible.

Here, the short-term financial market refers to the credit market (bonds), especially the products with the shortest maturities. They are mutual funds that pool investors’ resources and invest in a place of short-term corporate and government bonds. Money market funds offer the average investor an affordable way to gain exposure to areas of the financial markets that were not accessible to all except to investment professionals.

Short-Term Investment-Grade Treasury Bonds

Bonds are debt instruments. When you make a loan to the state or business, you receive a bond in exchange for a fixed interest rate and repayment of the principal at maturity (maturity) on the amount of the loan.

Short-term bonds have a lower interest rate than long-term bonds because the bundling time is shorter, but they have the advantage of being easily settled in cash, which is what we are looking for in short-term investments. Investors do not have to hold bonds to maturity and can sell them for profit when bond prices rise. Bond prices rise when yields fall.

Cash Management Accounts

A cash management account allows you to invest your money in a variety of short-term investments and works very much like a collective account. You can often make investments, write checks to your account, transfer money, and do other common banking activities. Cash management accounts are usually offered by Robo-advisors and online brokers.

Cash management accounts are very liquid and you can withdraw money at any time. In this regard, it can be far better than traditional savings and short-term money market accounts that limit monthly withdrawals.

Corporate Bond Funds

Corporate bonds are the company bonds that are issued by the corporate houses to raise the funds from the public. Credit rating agencies (Moody’s and S&P) define investment-grade bonds rated BBB. Ratings below BBB- are considered non-investment grade bonds and are sometimes referred to as junk or high yield bonds.

Non-investment-grade bonds are more profitable because lenders charge higher fees when lending to companies with lower credit ratings. Like short-term investment-grade corporate bonds, they are highly liquid under normal market conditions.

Certificate of Deposits

Proofs of deposit or CDs can be found in banks and generally offer higher yields than other banking products such as savings accounts and short-term market accounts.

CD stands for, term deposit. When you open a CD, you agree to keep money in your account for a specific period, ranging from weeks to years, depending on how long you want it to be. In exchange for keeping this money in a safe, the bank pays a higher interest rate. The bank pays interest on the CD regularly, and at the end of the CD period, the bank repays the principal and any interest accrued.

CDs have also ensured liquidity. In general, if you agree to the terms of the CD, you may be fined if your bank cancels the CD prematurely. Therefore, you need to be very careful not to bind the money and then access it before the period expires.

Money Market Funds

We are clearing it out that money market funds and money market account are not the same. Although the names are similar, both are good short-term investments, but with different risks. Short-term money markets Mutual funds invest in short-term securities, including government, municipal and corporate bonds, and bank debt. And since it is a mutual fund, the operating ratio of the assets under management is paid to the fund company.

Money market mutual funds are relatively liquid and provide easy access to funds. Withdrawing checks from the fund may be permitted, but is generally limited to six times a month.

Best online platform for short term investments in the UK

To invest in the short-term funds you are needed to create an account with an online broker. So many online trading platforms are available in the market. It is necessary to examine the platform before selecting it for short-term investment.


eToro Short term investment platform

eToro has established itself as a reliable, affordable, and user-friendly investment platform in the UK and around the world, and is a one-stop-shop for many short-term investment needs. eToro has stockbrokers, ETF brokers, commodities brokers, forex brokers, and cryptocurrency brokers all in one. You can bet and invest in Deliveroo stocks for a short-term investment strategy. Some are likely to be acquired by eToro upon launch on secondary markets.

One of the great things about eToro is that you can invest in certain short-term investment options like stocks and ETFs with no fees! It also offers a great attachments app for iPhone and Android. Click here for Best ETFs UK 2021


Plus500 short term investment trading platform

Plus500 is listed on the London Stock Exchange and has shown strong growth. Plus500 is a CFD broker in the sense that it uses this product to gain exposure to listed markets. The app is well designed, easy to use, and has low transaction fees. There are no fees for deposits or rollovers on overdue positions, such as expiring futures contracts. Plus500 has listed several short-term instruments. This includes many short-term investments, including stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies. short term trading platform has a good place among the largest online brokers in the UK. brokers are recognized by thousands of people as an excellent online trading platform. Their goal is to provide you with the best trading experience. The company is committed to meeting everyone’s needs. There are no fees for deposits or rollovers on overdue positions, such as expiring futures contracts. It offers several short-term financial instruments including many short-term investments, including stocks, ETFs, and also invest and trade cryptocurrencies.

How do you invest your money in short-term investments?

Now it’s time to discuss how you can invest your money in short-term funds. To invest in the short-term funds you are needed to create an account with an online broker. For the demo, we decided to use eToro because the eToro broker looks the most complete in many ways.

  • Platform fee
  • Diverse asset offering
  • Securing a platform

Follow these steps that are given below to start investing in short term investment-

eToro trading account for short term investment

Step 1: Create an account with eToro

First, open your investment account by visiting the eToro site. The process is very simple. To open the account you have to first create the trading account with eToro. To create the account you have to provide your personal information such as name, email address, and phone number. There is a legal requirement in the UK that every trader is needed to complete KYC. It is required to verify your identity.

Step 2: Deposit the funds

Once the account is verified you can deposit funds in your account. You will then need to add money to your account using the various payment methods that eToro offers such as PayPal, bank transfer, Neteller, credit, or debit card. There is no fee is charged for depositing the funds.

Step 3: Invest your money

Once the funds are deposited and reflected in your wallet balances then you can start investing your money in financial instruments. Let’s say you are investing in stocks.

To start trading stocks, you have two options. The first is to directly search for the action name in the search bar at the top of the main page. Another option is to click on the “Markets” tab, then the “Stocks” sub-tab and select all options. At this level, you can also filter stocks by sector or stock.

Things to consider while making profitable investments

In addition to your profile, there are many other things to consider. Estimating the return on investment (ROI) of a project can be interesting. In general, different types of projects have different factors to consider. As part of your private equity investment, you should research your company’s market, development potential, competitors, customers, or suppliers.

When investing in the stock market, stocks or cryptocurrencies, it is important to ensure the credibility of the brokers you work with. When a new product comes to market, it is important to know the project manager’s background to avoid unpleasant surprises. This happens quite often when investing in cryptocurrency projects.

Replicating the strategy of a profitable investor

Online brokers are offering more and more opportunities to track top traders by doubling their investment strategy. These tools are called “social trading” or “copy trading” depending on the operator. This feature is also available on eToro, which allows it to automatically take the position of experienced traders. First, you need to select an investor or group to follow.

What makes a good short-term investment?

Although good short-term investments have a lot in common, they generally have three characteristics:

Stability A good short-term investment does not fluctuate in value as much as many stocks and bonds. Money can be there when you need it and is often protected by FDIC insurance or government guarantees.

LiquidityGood short-term investments usually provide a lot of liquidity, which gives you quick access to the money invested. For certain investments, such as CDs, you know when your money is available, and you can always pay back your CDs, although there are often penalties associated with doing so.

Low transaction costs A good short-term investment doesn’t cost as much to get in and out of as a house does. This is especially important when short-term asset returns are at all-time lows.

Tips for short term investments

Investing money in five years or less should be a different process than investing in decades. Instead, you should approach short-term investing using these tips:

Choose your investment according to your needs- You can make a little more money with these CDs, but what if you need to access your money before it expires? Adjust the system type as needed.

Focus on safety- In general, when making short-term investments, you should focus on safety rather than profitability. Money shouldn’t be lost.

Not all short-term investments are the same- The banking product is backed by the FDIC, so there is no capital loss. However, even for safe, short-term pension funds, market-based instruments may decline in the short term. Understand the risks of investing.

A little extra return may not be worth the extra risk- It’s easy to get some extra return while taking a much higher risk with a short-term investment with little effect. But focus on why you are investing in the short term.


Above all, an investment that fits your profile and your wishes are the best investment. It is also a carefully considered investment, taking into account certain positive factors. The nearest and farthest area of ​​the asset you wish to invest in. These parameters usually depend on the asset type selected. Always examine your investment and its associated risks.

You can easily invest in short-term funds through an online trading platform. At this point, eToro looks like a very interesting piece to invest in stocks, stock indices, ETFs, Forex as well as commodities. Now is your chance to build a very diverse portfolio.


What is the short-term investment?

A short-term investment is an immediate cost aimed at enriching third parties who accept it in the short run.

What are the risks of investing?

Investing is different from saving, especially because there is a risk of losing capital. When it comes to investing, one rule applies. The more returns an asset can provide, the greater the risk, which can lead to capital loss. Therefore, a good investor finds the most interesting investment in terms of return on risk.

Is short-term investment taxable?

Withholding tax applies to all income above the annual tax-free limit of £12,300. There is  10% for taxpayers with the base rate and 20% for taxpayers with a higher rate.

Is short-term investment riskier?

Not necessarily. For example, you can mainly invest in government bonds, your money is very safe, but the rewards are small.

Which is the best short-term investment class?

In terms of performance, stocks have historically provided some of the best returns, but they are often not considered short-term investments due to their high risk. However, if the period is up to 5 years, I think that’s enough time to recover from portfolio damage.