Coca Cola Share Price UK & Price Forecast

The Coca Cola Company just released its first-quarter 2022 results, demonstrating sustained market strength. The Coca Cola Organization’s Chairman and CEO, James Quincey, remarked, “We are happy with our first-quarter performance as our business continues to perform well in highly dynamic and unpredictable operating conditions.”

Since its founding in 1886, the company has evolved to become the world’s most recognized non-alcoholic drink business and the parent organization of a number of successful subsidiaries.

That said, the world has changed recently, which merits taking a thorough look at the current state of the company and its prospects in order to develop a viable short-term and long-term Coca Cola stock forecast.

What can we expect from Coca Cola in the years ahead? In this article, we look at the most recent happenings affecting Coca Cola’s price, as well as predictions from a variety of third-party forecasting services. And also we will show you how to buy Coca Cola stocks without paying a commission.

Coca Cola Share Price History

Since reaching its bottom at roughly $36 per share in March 2020, when the markets fell due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Coca Cola share price has been on a rise.

Since then, it has been a growing stock and the price has made several higher highs and lower lows, with the Coca Cola stock price recently surging to an all-time high of $63 per share on the back of solid macroeconomic tailwinds.

In this sense, market investors are seeing inflation in various parts of the world as positive news for the company, as increased per-unit prices will likely boost sales. The higher prices are intended to counterbalance any volume declines caused by inflation.

This bright perspective has contributed to relieve supply chain worries regarding the company’s ability to obtain the essential raw materials to continue making its beverages, as well as rising labour prices in various regions.

From an analytical sense, a break above the stock’s pre-pandemic all-time high is good news for Coca Cola, which is presently trading 10.2 percent above its 200-day simple moving average.

The chart also reveals that a double-bottom pattern formed in October-December of last year, following which shares soared.

However, momentum indicators are beginning to flash some red flags, with a bearish divergence appearing in both the Relative Strength Index (RSI) and the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD). This could indicate that positive momentum is wearing out, indicating that a price correction is on the way.

Overall, a credible Coca Cola stock price prognosis premised on these data would predict some short-term negative volatility but the sustainability of the current rise in the mid-term, with the $60 level could act as a support mark in the coming months.

Coca Cola Share Present Price

The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is Coca Cola’s major listing, and it trades under the ticker code KO. Because the company’s shares are not currently listed on the London Stock Exchange, there is no official Coca Cola UK share price.

Investors must divide the price of the shares in US dollars by the current GBP/USD exchange rate to ascertain the price of Coca Cola stock in pounds at any given time.

The shares are currently trading at $65.78 per share as of this writing. In the meantime, the GBP/USD exchange rate stands at 1.27. This implies that a Coca Cola stock is worth £51.86.

coca cola share price chart

The Company stock price jumped 11.4 percent last year as the world gradually recovered from the pandemic thanks to mass immunizations.

Most public events were resumed, albeit to a smaller scale than before, and restaurants began to reopen to the public. As a result of all of this, the stock has recovered to pre-pandemic levels.

So far in 2022, shares have gained 5.7 percent, resulting in new all-time highs for this beloved brand’s stock.

Coca Cola Current Fundamental Analysis

Coca Cola released its financial results for the first quarter of 2022 on April 25. The corporation reported $10.5 billion in revenue for the quarter, up 16 percent from the previous year and beating analysts’ expectations by roughly $500 million.

The operating margin was 32.5 percent, up from 30.2 percent the year before, while the comparable operating margin (non-GAAP) was 31.4 percent, up from 31.0 percent the year before. Strong topline growth drove operating margin expansion, which was somewhat offset by an increase in marketing investments compared to the prior year, the impact of the BODYARMOR acquisition, and currency headwinds.

EPS increased by 23% to $0.64, while comparable EPS (non-GAAP) increased by 16% to $0.64. An 8-point currency headwind was factored into comparable EPS (non-GAAP) performance.

Good business profitability was more than balanced by the benefit of cycling the timing of working capital advantages in the prior year and higher 2021 annual incentives in the current year, resulting in cash flow from operations of $620 million, down $1.0 billion from the prior year. The non-GAAP free cash flow was at $400 million, down $1.0 billion from the previous year.

Coca Cola Share Price Forecast for 2022

Since hitting bottom following the pandemic crash in February-March, the price of stock has been on a rise for nearly two years, as mentioned in the previous section.

According to data gathered by MarketBeat, Coca Cola presently has an average rating of buy, with 11 out of 14 analysts recommending the stock as such.

Meanwhile, based on the most recent closing price, the average KO stock projection presently stands at $65.53 per share, implying a 4.7 percent upside potential. The stock’s highest expectation is $71 per share, while the lowest is $58 per share.

In the last 12 months, this average 12-month price target has progressively increased, rising from $53.9 in March 2021 to $65.5 right now.

Following the release of the company’s last quarterly report in February, several financial services organizations, including Citigroup, UBS Group, Wells Fargo, and Evercore, upped their price estimates for the stock.

Coca Cola Stock Forecast by Third-Party Forecasting Agencies

According to Wallet Investor, the price of this carbonated beverage company’s stock should complete the first semester of the year essentially steady from its present price of roughly $62.8 to $63.5 per share.

However, the very same firm forecasts a price range of $67.1 to $68.3, reflecting a possible 1.7 percent increase in the share price over the next nine months.

On the other side, Gov.Capital, an algorithm-based predicting agency, predicts a Coca Cola share price of $53.3 to $72.2 per share for the first semester of the year, with the price ending the year somewhere between $61.2 and $82.8 per share, according to this third-party service.

Finally, Financhill expects a potential 6.6 percent increase in the price of Coca Cola stock by the end of the first semester of 2022, based on a projected improvement in the company’s bottom-line profitability.

Meanwhile, the very same agency predicts the share value of $69.1 per share by the end of December 2022, a 10.5 percent increase in just nine months.

Despite some of the company’s hurdles, analysts at RBC Capital Markets predicted a “good top-line recovery” for Coca Cola this year, predicting “strong price increases and modest volume effect.”

Coca Cola Share Price Forecast for 2024

The Company stock price is expected to begin 2024 at $74.62 per share and conclude the year in a range between $79.95 and $81.07 per share, delivering a yearly upside potential of 8.6 percent, according to Wallet Investor.

According to this provider’s estimations, the worst month for the stock will be March 2024, with a forecasted loss of 3.2 percent, while the best month will be July, with a forecasted gain of 3.4 percent.

Meanwhile, Gov.Capital expects the stock to start the year at $114.8 per share and soar to as high as $198.1 per share by the end of the year, representing a 72.6 percent annual return if those forecasts are met.

Coca Cola Share Price Forecast for 2026

According to Wallet Investor, Coca Cola’s is predicted to begin 2026 at $87.36 per stock and end the year in a level between $92.7 and $93.9 per stock, with a maximum annual potential growth of 7.4 percent.

According to this provider’s estimations, the worst month for the stock will be March 2026, with a forecasted loss of 2.4 percent, while the best month will be July 2026, with a forecasted gain of 2.9 percent.

Meanwhile, Gov.Capital predicts that Coca Cola stock would be a good long term investment and the stock will start 2026 at $247.4 per share and might grow to $357.96 per share by the end of the year, representing a 44.7 percent annual return if those expectations are met.

How to Buy Coca Cola Shares UK?

Step 1: Pick a brokerage

A stockbroker is a simplest and most convenient way to buy shares. This firm operates as a licensed go-between for you (the investor) and the stock market. You can now purchase and sell stocks using a broker’s web platform or even a phone app, thanks to technological advancements.

If you’re a first-time investor, we recommend using this stockbroker to purchase Coca Cola shares in the United Kingdom.

eToro – Buy Coca Cola Shares with 0% Commission

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Multiple top-tier regulatory agencies oversee this broker, including the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom (FCA). This makes it a terrific way for investors to purchase and sell Coca Cola stock depending on their predictions.

Through the CopyPeople and CopyPortfolios products, eToro considers itself a social trading platform because it allows users to engage with one another, exchange ideas, and even replicate their portfolios.

For users of the United Kingdom, the minimum deposit to start an account with eToro is $10, and numerous payment options are available, including debit or credit cards, electronic wallets, and bank transfers. There is no deposit cost with this supplier.

eToro allows users to trade stocks for free. That’s correct, for a small number of equities and exchange-traded funds (ETFs), including Coca Cola, this supplier offers zero-commission trading.


  • The Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom regulates this broker When purchasing Coca Cola shares, there are no commissions
  • The minimal deposit is low
  • Apart from Coca Cola stock, there is a large array of other assets to trade
  • Trading platform that is simple to use
  • CopyPortfolios and CopyPeople, for example, are advanced social trading features


  • Currency conversion costs apply to deposits made in pounds

Step 2: Open an Account

Visit the eToro homepage to start the account registration process. Your entire name, home address, date of birth, contact information, and national insurance number will be required.

eToro will next require you to provide papers to prove your identity. A clear copy of your passport or driver’s license, as well as a recent utility bill or bank account statement, are all that are required.

Step 3: Deposit Funds

You’ll need to deposit at least $50, and there will be a 0.5 percent currency conversion fee. Following are a variety of payment options available at eToro:

  • Debit cards
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Step 4: Buy Coca Cola Shares

You need to look for Coca Cola now that your eToro account is completely financed. Then we must select the ‘Trade’ option.

How to Buy Coca-Cola (KO) Stock on eToro? | CoinCodex

You’ll now see an order box similar to the one shown below. All you need to do is determine the size of your investment. You can invest as much or as little as you like as long as you fulfill the $50 minimum.

How to Buy Coca-Cola (KO) Stock on eToro? | CoinCodex

Finally, to finish your Coca Cola stock purchase, click the ‘Open Trade’ option.


Every day, 1.9 billion servings of Coke and other brands owned and marketed by the business are poured, according to statistics. This astounding statistic alone bolsters the case for Coca Cola as a possible investment, as the corporation boasts one of the world’s most formidable competitive moats.

Coca-Cola emerged largely unaffected from the epidemic, and customer choices don’t appear to have shifted enough to harm the company’s bottom line. As a result, Coca Cola is an intriguing blue-chip stock that currently pays a respectable dividend.

If you do decide to invest in Coca Cola stock, eToro currently is the best place to start. You can make a quick deposit with your UK debit/credit card and then acquire Coca Cola stocks without paying any commissions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum stock price for Coca Cola?

On March 20, 2022, Coca Cola reached a new all-time high of $63 per share.

What does the future hold for Coca Cola?

In the medium run, most forecasting systems expect that Coca-price Cola’s will either decrease slightly or increase by 5% to 10% before the year 2022 concludes. Meanwhile, most forecasts concur that the stock will perform well in the long run.

In five years, where will Coca Cola stock be?

According to Gov.Capital, the price of Coca Cola will start the year between $264 and $358 per share in 2027. According to Marc, the value might rise to $416 per share based on the estimations drafted by this source.

Is Coca Cola a good long-term investment?

Coca Cola is the parent corporation of the most well-known non-alcoholic drinking brands worldwide. As a result, it is a company with a wide moat and a good business plan. Furthermore, the company’s finances are strong, since long-term debt accounts for about 40% of total assets, and the company generates a consistent stream of cash that allows it to make dividend payments while also repurchasing part of its existing shares.