How to Choose Best Stocks and Shares in 2022

If you are looking to buy stocks and shares then there are plenty of trading platforms available online which allow you to buy stocks and shares in just a few minutes and with 0% commission, although deciding which stock or share to buy is quite a difficult process. However, if you want to overcome this issue then you need to do research about various stocks and shares are listed on the London Stock Exchange and many are on International markets. 

How to Choose the Best Stocks in 2022

In this article, we will discuss how to choose the best shares to buy in 2022. We also discuss various online stock brokers in order to invest in best stocks and about how we can start with a globally diversified portfolio.

Before picking up the valuable stocks or shares you need to go through the steps given below-

Process of Picking up the Stocks: Step-by-Step

Decide your Investment goal-

Deciding your goal about investment is a must because not all individuals are investing for the same reason, we see some investors are interested in investing to diversify their portfolio, some are investing to save money for their future whereas some are generating regular incomes in terms of distributions and dividends

While looking forward to investing you should be quite clear about your own investment goals then only you would be able to find out the best company as per your goals to pick up the stocks such as –

The investors who are interested to look for their growth will get attracted to the companies which are new but with high revenue growth without stable earnings. Whereas the investors who want to generate direct income are looking for companies with high dividend yields, earnings, etc. On the other hand, the investors who are interested to save their money will be looking for the company’s profit yields and from how established the company is.

Choosing companies that you acknowledge-

If you don’t understand the company properly and you are the partial owner of the company too, then be ready for the company’s failure, as without understanding the company you will not be able to run that company on profit even after you appoint great managers for your company because you can’t decide whether the investors are best for your company or not.

Choosing the companies for investing is not at all a tough task, you can easily find a company at any place. Daily you use a lot of services and products from cosmetics, car parts, electronic gadgets, etc, you can even choose the company whose products and services you see or use daily so that you would be able to do research on that company easily. If you are not satisfied with the company even after you did the whole research then you should search for any other company.

Calculating a fair price for the stock-

Now after considering all the above points it’s time to come to the main topic that is about the stock price. Although there are a lot of ways to investigate a stock’s current price. Given below are some points before finding out whether they represent it a good value or not. 

Price to earnings ratio-

The division of the share price of the company to its earnings per share over the past years. If the price to earnings ratio of the stock goes down below its historic price ratio then only the investors could be able to find the trading of stock for a good price. However, this strategy is the best for well-established companies which offer steady profits and growth.

If somehow the earnings of the investors reach higher levels in the course of a few years then investors would pay more capital to make more profits.

Purchasing shares at a Discount-

If you are able to buy shares at a discounted price then no deal is better than this as compared to teh prices at the present time. For example- in 2020, during the period of major pandemic coronavirus many companies have suffered a lot of loss such as the blue-chip stocks have lost up to 20-30% in just a few weeks but these companies have recovered soon within a few months and soon after this some smart investors buy shares at a major discount.

One other such example is of 2008 when the companies suffered a major financial crisis and many large industries have lost their value, at that time too some investors purchased stocks with major profits.


The trading price of the stock can be attractive if the dividend price is above average. You have to be very sure that the company whose stocks you are going to buy is very punctual with its dividend payout and the dividend should be based on the company’s payout ratio otherwise you would be get fooled. However, there is a plethora of information available on the internet from where you can do research about how permanent is the company’s earnings and cash flow and also their growth. 

How to Choose the Best Stocks

Price to Sales Ratio-

If you are looking to purchase growth stocks of a company that does not provide any profit and also is very irregular in paying revenues then the price to sales ratio can be very efficient. However, all sales are different for example- if a company is ready with its new product or service which results in its revenue growth but produces many different profits. So the trader should make their mind according to the stock and how its price would deviate in the future.

Instant Diversification

In order to choose the best shares to invest in, you need to have complete knowledge related to these, you should have knowledge of both Fundamental and technical analysis. Additionally, you should know how to interpret earning reports and read financial reports and many things related to stocks and shares which is not an easy task.

If you are not an experienced investor then it can take you a lot of time to understand these things. This is the reason whenever you are going to buy shares you would have to be very conscious so that you can choose your shares smartly. 

How to start investing in Shares

In order to select the stocks via any source such as ETF, copy trading, stock market index, etc you need to find the best stock broker for that. It is now a very easy way for the investors who want to invest in stock and shares to invest in them in just a single click, as there are a lot of online stock brokers available which allows you to buy these stocks and shares without any commission, these stockbrokers are quite convenient and are fully regulated, allows different payment methods like e-wallets, bank transfer, etc. 

Given below are two very popular stockbrokers which are FCA regulated and 100% commission-free.

eToro –

If you want to invest in Stocks and Shares then It is the best overall investment Broker in the UK. It came into notice in 2006, it serves online. More than 120 cryptocurrencies have access to eToro and more than 500 crypto pairs. You can store several CFD in this, it also allows you to buy any kind of traditional shares and trading shares. In eToro, minimum deposits start at $50 around 36.26 Euros. On eToro you can instantly copy the portfolio of any investor.

Although, eToro contains a number of copy portfolios which are made earlier.   eToro is always the first choice of many investors. This is the direct reason for the popularity of this platform, it has more than 15 million users all over the UK. It has the license of 3 key bodies namely ASIC, CySEC, and FCA.

In terms of fees, no other brokerage platform can compete with eToro. It offers 0% commission to its users, which means that you can buy shares from eToro without paying a single penny. It allows investment for just 0.75%. eToro also offers automated trading services.

The most important thing in eToro is that it allows you to invest small amounts regularly. It allows different payment methods for investing. The best thing about eToro is that it can be used by any investor even if he is new to the investing market, no prior knowledge is required to trade Cryptos with eToro. To save money in your account you have to make an account on eToro.


  • It is the largest brokerage system in terms of trading.
  • Is good for newbies.
  • No charges, 0% commission
  • Holds the license of FCA, CySEC, and ASIC
  • It is very easy to use.
  • Accepts e-wallets, credit/debit cards, and bank transfers.
  • Minimum investment of just $50
  • More than 13 million users.
  • Also helps in trading CFDs.
  • It allows you to hold more than 120 cryptocurrencies and more than 500 crypto pairs.


  • It only operates in US dollars
  • The withdrawal fee is just $5
  • Don’t have advanced technical tools. – 

With this broker you won’t be able to own the asset, only you can trade, it is specially CFD broker. It provides you the suppleness of opening an entity that you can afford. To buy and sell you will have a separate option. Not only can you invest during the hike of shares but when the shares go down then also you can gain profit. You can also apply leverage while trading an asset. This can not be done with traditional shares.

If you are a UK retail trader then the value will stand at 1:5 on stock CFDs. On the other hand, it will increase more if you consider yourself to be a professional client. Without any commission allows you to buy and sell assets. offers more than 2,000 shares and includes many of the best shares to buy. is licensed by FCA so you don’t need to worry about safety. You can initial a minimum deposit of just 20 euros. The stock trading app of leads you to trade with your phone.

The trading platform of leverages Artificial Intelligence like few other competitors. Artificial Intelligence of finds a market and probable trading setups and brings them to our attention. In too you will get access to a charting interface with around 75 technical indicators. In Spite of being diversified, is very easy to use, the platform is personalized, you can also use this on your phone as a handy app for trading for iOs and Android.

For trading and Investing services is the best broker and provides a heap of resources for does not provide any basic information about stocks. is controlled by the Financial Conduct Authority of the UK. Through the Financial Service Compensation Scheme all the accounts of the UK are insured for up to 85k Euros.


  • Charges 0% commission
  • Generate daily trade ideas
  • Trade hundreds of UK and US shares
  • Charting and analysis interface is excellent
  • Phone and Chat support for 24 hours. 


  • Custom trading strategies can’t be built.
  • No basic information about the stock.


It is very difficult for a newbie investor who does not have any experience related to stocks and shares to find out which company is best for them. In this guide, we have explained each and everything related to stocks and shares but still, you do need to do more research related to the other your company will have more adhered to failure. 

You need to have a firm grasp of the technical and fundamental analysis and you have to be capable of reading and interpreting earning reports. 

For buying Stocks and Shares, eToro is the best platform for 20 million traders and is 100% commission-free.  eToro has very low trading fees with an initial deposit of $50. But when you are investing in stocks or share you need to do research over these trading platforms too as to which platforms suit your requirements. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose dividend stocks?

At this point of time, there is no need to select the company which allows paying dividends as there are now ETFs that mainly aim to focus mainly on those companies which have a historic background of paying dividends.

How to find the best shares?

There is not any fixed formula to find the best shares, despite, if you want to invest in the best shares then it depends on your own research.

What is meant by the diversified portfolio of stocks?

Diversifying a portfolio means you need to add a number of companies to your portfolio. However, the companies could be from different sectors and economies.

How do I pick stocks for long-term investment?

If you want to pick up the stocks for the long term then also you need to focus on your investment goal whether you want to invest in the stocks which pay dividends or you want to achieve growth.