Best Managed Forex Accounts in UK 2022

It’s getting more and more common to have managed forex trading accounts. Sadly, as a result of this demand, many of the greatest forex-managed accounts have been mixed in with the subpar ones.

This guide discusses the best managed forex accounts to begin with, the associated charges, and how to open a managed forex account.

Best Managed Forex Accounts in UK 2022

What are Managed Forex Accounts?

The best-managed account services are available from the top forex brokers in 2022 for passive investment. A managed forex account, in its simplest form, is a kind of trading account for currencies that a seasoned trader or money management group will use to execute trades on your behalf. For this service, these accounts demand a cost, however, the fee is frequently relatively small and may be well worth it.

A managed forex account can relieve passive traders of the pressure of day trading and give them access to highly diverse markets and assets outside of stocks and bonds. Although they still carry a high level of risk, they can also yield big returns, making them potentially worthwhile for supplemental income.

There are three basic kinds of managed forex accounts offered by both MT4 and MT5 platforms:

  • Percentage Allocation Management Module (PAMM): This solution enables the allocation of trades to be distributed to each investor account on a percentage basis. This is the most typical because it enables investors to have various account sizes.
  • Lot Allocation Management Module (LAMM): The identical lot size is duplicated from the trader’s account to the investors’ accounts under this solution. It is the least frequent because both accounts must be the same size.
  • Multi-Asset Manager (MAM): This enables a trader or manager to allocate various levels of leverage to various investor accounts.

Best Managed Forex Accounts 2022

Forex-managed funds are offered by literally hundreds, if not millions, of traders. Only a small number of managed forex accounts, nevertheless, would be recommended for use.

Finding the various suppliers and evaluating their reliability and security might take a lot of effort. Fortunately, by compiling an analysis of the best 10 Managed Forex Accounts for 2022, we’ve done the tedious job for you.

1. eToro

etoro Best Managed Forex Accounts

eToro is the most popular social trading and copy trading service. Over 20 million people utilise eToro, a managed forex account service. Indeed, the broker provides managed accounts in a wide range of asset classes, such as CFDs on commodities, FX, and indices, as well as genuine cryptocurrency and stocks.

The groundbreaking CopyPortfolio function is one of the reasons eToro is regarded as one of the finest forex-managed account providers. You may also use the CopyTrader tool to identify specific forex traders who will manage your funds.

The eToro platform’s ability to help you identify the top FX-managed accounts is one of its strongest features. You can enter the criteria you are most satisfied with in terms of total risk, drawdown, returns, etc. in the filter at the top of the platform. After that, it will provide a list of forex traders who fit your criteria and may essentially manage your money!

Additionally, there aren’t any management or revenue-sharing costs. On the underlying financial instruments that the portfolio trades, you merely pay the standard spread. $5,000 is the required minimum to begin using CopyPortfolios, while the CopyTrader option allows for much lower starting amounts.

2. AvaTrade


The MAM account offered by AvaTrade should be taken into consideration by money managers who want to trade on behalf of their clients. The MT4 MAM terminal provides the money management wishing to trade block transactions for client sub-accounts with good account service and functionality.

Account managers have the flexibility for various commission structures, the ability to create sub-groups for various strategies, and the ability to trade utilizing expert advisors (EAs).

Great liquidity, dependable execution, and competitive spreads are all present.

 3. IC Markets

IC Markets Best Managed Forex Accounts

Money managers should also look at IC Markets as a broker for managed forex accounts. Trades can be executed across Full, Mini, and Micro lot accounts thanks to the MT4 platform’s robust capabilities for MAM and PAMM accounts.

The capability of adding and removing funds without having an impact on trade activity is another aspect of the service. This is critical for effective client turnover management. Additionally, IC Markets uses Straight Through Processing (STP) to carry out the bulk order, enhancing trust and trading transparency while also minimizing pricing discrepancies between the master and investors.

 4. Vantage FX

vantage fx Best Managed Forex Accounts

Some brokers deliver managed accounts in collaboration with a third party. In this manner, the Vantage Forex PAMM Account makes a sophisticated service possible.

The performance price model is flexible, and traders have unlimited access to the Vantage Forex PAMM Account on the MetaTrader 4 and 5 platforms. The managed account’s PAMM structure eliminates any rounding concerns that can arise with lot allocation while still allowing for the use of the equity allocation method.

 5. FXPro

FxPro Best Managed Forex Accounts

The managed forex accounts at FxPro allow the money manager a lot of flexibility in how they handle their account because both PAMM and LAMM accounts are accessible.

The FxPro MAM accounts are a solid option for master account managers due to the ability to determine fees and the availability of a variety of allocation methods. There are several different allocation techniques, including lots, equality, proportion, and balance. The money manager has a lot of flexibility as a result.

 6. Forex92

forex92 Best Managed Forex Accounts

Another service of forex-managed funds that use the MetaTrader 4 PAMM technology is Forex92, which provides three distinct account plans. The business makes it known that they only cooperate with licensed brokers.

A $1,000 minimum investment is required for the Personal Account plan, which charges a performance fee of 30% of monthly earnings. With a $25,000 minimum commitment, the Business Account carries a performance fee of 25% of monthly profits. The Enterprise Account bears a performance charge of 20 percent of monthly earnings with a $100,000 initial investment.

7. Dukascopy

Dukascopy Best Managed Forex Accounts

Swiss-based Dukascopy is both a financial institution and a fx broker. They were one of the original producers of the PAMM solution. This enables clients of Dukascopy Bank to have a trader handle their accounts using a trading restricted power of attorney (LPOA).

There are no management or activity charges with the Dukascopy LP PAMM account. On some deals, however, overnight fees and volume costs will be assessed. For currency pairs, the standard volume commission is 5 USD for every 1 million USD in traded volume.

There is only a $1,000 USD minimum commitment required to get going. Although the bank provides a range of services, its image has suffered a little since they allow customers to trade binary options, which are prohibited by most international regulators because they are essentially a form of gambling.

 8. Key To Markets

Key To Markets

Key To Markets ought to be taken into account if you’re seeking a broker who is outspoken and proud of its FX-managed accounts. The PAMM FX trading account for MetaTrader4 is clearly displayed on their homepage, and they have dozens of trading accounts that can be monitored.

The fee schedule is flexible for money managers and comes at no extra expense. The Social PAMM page is also a useful tool for gaining new fans.

Since the program for investors determines the Net Asset Value hourly, newly joined accounts wouldn’t be given credit for prior losses. Additionally, although having access to money may be crucial, closing a PAMM account is a simple procedure that may be completed in as little as a day or two.



When it comes to the ease of understanding what is necessary to become an account manager or a investor, FXPRIMUS offers a good offering.

The website is loaded with information on how to start trading managed forex. They are dependable and truthful when disclosing details regarding the functioning of their PAMM accounts and all future accounts.

When using FX Primus, managers create an “offer” to start the process. The management determines the service fees, which include a performance fee in addition to a master commission. A trading interval which has duration of one month and minimum amount that investors must maintain in their accounts, as well as whether and how much of a “early revocation” penalty is levied, are all things that can be specified by the account manager. If approved, trading can start. However, the followers can also make a proposal for the price they believe the master should charge. Trading through managed accounts with FX Primus is very much a two-way transaction.

10. FP Markets

FP Markets

FP Markets is the tenth and last managed forex account on our list. If pricing is a crucial consideration for money managers, they should take into account the MAM trading account and PAMM account at FP Markets.

FP Markets executes trades on managed accounts using the Electronic Communications Network (ECN), which means that large volume orders are satisfied with abundant liquidity and small spreads. Strong execution is also made possible, and minimal slippage because dedicated servers help keep costs down.

Advantages of Managed Forex Accounts

There are several benefits to selecting a managed forex account, whether it is offered by one of the ten mentioned above or another.


The foreign exchange market is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The majority of new traders simply lack the time necessary to take advantage of all of the chances the forex market offers.

The greatest approach to profit from the foreign exchange market is to hire a professional to handle this for you, who will spend their entire time looking for the finest setups and expanding your account. Additionally, it’s a fantastic method to learn more about the operation of the currency market and how to trade various investment accounts.


You may choose when to invest and when to withdraw your money with the finest forex-managed accounts, which is one of its best features. The PAMM system may occasionally let you enter a stop loss level.

This is a directive to the broker telling them to stop replicating the trades of the trader on your account if it falls below a specific threshold. This is crucial because, while it’s nice while you’re winning, what happens when you lose everything? You need to be able to protect your financial assets.


The top managed forex accounts will require that you fund a trading account with a licensed broker. This is crucial since unregulated brokers lack regulatory control, and you want to ensure the safety of your funds.

You only deposit money with the broker while using forex-managed funds, which is one of their best benefits. Never send money to a fund manager’s bank account if they ask you to; if they do, beware!

This is true since a power of authority is required to use the PAMM, LAMM, and MAM platforms. You give the trader permission to trade on your behalf, but they are not allowed to withdraw money or move your funds during this time.

Factors for selecting a Managed Forex Account

  • Fund performance: Check out the statistics on the fund’s performance history. In a perfect world, you would want ongoing total profitability.
  • Fees: Performance fees are frequently demanded and typically range from 20 to 30 percent of the net profits made. In accordance with the required minimum account balance, fund fees may also change.
  • Maximum drawdown: While all traders occasionally make mistakes, it would be wise to select a forex account manager with a modest maximum drawdown limit.
  • The manager’s trading activities. When do they exchange? They might trade less frequently or be a scalper or intraday trader.
  • The degree of return volatility may be a deciding factor.

Your choice may be influenced by factors such as the minimum deposit amount and the activity of the transactions.


Many people are choosing the distinctive yet well-structured forms of managed forex accounts. Choosing the best-managed FX accounts to invest in, however, might be a little difficult. But to lighten the load, we’ve included a few criteria above that you can use to select the best-managed FX accounts of your choosing. Managed forex accounts are quite advantageous since they allow you to diversify your investment portfolio by placing your money with different fund managers and because you don’t need any prior trading experience to start using them.

And when it comes to the best trading platforms for managed accounts, we advise you to pick one of the platforms from the list above because they are all governed by respected regulatory authorities.

FP Markets, AvaTrade, IC Markets, and FXPro are the best managed forex account solutions for people who want to become fund managers. And eToro is the greatest choice for individuals who want to invest in managed forex accounts.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are FX-managed accounts?

Managed FX accounts are those that other experienced traders manage and operate on your behalf. Individual Accounts, Pooled Accounts, and a variety of PAMM, LAMM, and MAMM accounts are the three main types of managed forex accounts.

Who may invest in managed FX accounts?

Anyone can invest in managed FX accounts; you don’t need any experience to get started because a professional trader will handle the traders on your behalf. As a result, you can invest in managed forex accounts without concern for education or experience as long as you are ready to do so.

What fees must I pay in order to trade using a managed forex account?

Your chosen broker will determine how much you must pay. because some brokers impose fees in the form of commissions or performance-based fees. There are other brokers who don’t charge you any additional fees because they pay the fund managers directly.

How quickly are funds available for withdrawal from managed forex accounts?

You can request a withdrawal at any time, and it typically takes less than 24 hours for the funds to be sent to your account.