Best Robo Advisors for UK Investors in 2022

Robo advisors continue to be a strong option for novice investors with manageable goals and modest amounts of money to invest. The issue is that most users are unsure of which services are reliable and which aren’t. and we are here with this guide to assist you.

In this guide, we have included a thorough assessment of the top robo-advisors available for UK Investors in 2022.

Best Robo Advisors for UK Investors in 2022

Best Robo Advisors 2022

Because there are, quite simply, so many options available, it is getting harder and harder to identify the finest robo advisors. Currently, there isn’t a certain leader among the UK items.

1. eToro

etoro Best Robo Advisors

Even while eToro’s primary market is online trading, they also offer consumers a robo-advice service. 2010 saw the launch of OpenBook from eToro, the very first social trading network in history. It revolutionized trading by enabling users to copy the trades of profitable traders using CopyTrader.

As a result of CopyTrader’s success, eToro debuted CopyPortfolios in 2016, a collection of managed portfolios that are expertly managed by eToro’s investing professionals. Utilizing potent machine-learning engines, CopyPortfolios’ principal goal is to continuously rebalance the portfolios in order to maximize returns while simultaneously reducing risk to the absolute minimum.

eToro offers a Risk Score, a feature that enables investors to control their risk and comprehend the risk taken by other traders they are thinking about copying, depending on their attitude toward risk.

One of eToro’s most alluring features is the concept that there are no platform fees or management costs in anyway, and you can expect to pay 0 percent commission on equity investments. The only thing to be aware of is the $10 monthly inactivity fee that is applied after a year of inactivity. Low withdrawal fees of $5 are also offered.

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2. Nutmeg

Nutmeg  Best Robo Advisors

As a market pioneer in the UK, Nutmeg is the biggest and best-known robo advisor in the country. When it originally began operating in 2012, it was the very first online flexible investment management company in the UK. It soon won the Best of Show Honors from Finovate Europe in addition to accolades from the UK authorities.

Investors have a choice between Nutmeg’s Fully Managed plan and the Fixed Allocation plan, which focuses on exchange-traded funds. The Fixed Allocation option at Nutmeg relies solely on the technologies utilised by robo advisors, in opposition to the Fully Managed option, which benefits from the assurance of the in-house investment team that will monitor and adjust the portfolio in compliance with changes in the market.

This completely managed robo advisor account has yielded 43.7percent over the previous 7 years with a risk level of 5/10.

Although Nutmeg has a minimum investment requirement of £500 and is better suited to serious investors, it does provide a cutting-edge interface from which you can follow your assets and setting up an account only takes a few minutes.

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3. Moneyfarm

Moneyfarm Best Robo Advisors

One of the biggest and most well-funded robo advisors in the UK, Moneyfarm began operations in Italy in 2012.

Customers can choose from seven managed portfolios at Moneyfarm today based on their attitude toward risk and exposure to ETFs, albeit even the riskiest portfolio at Moneyfarm is not a particularly dangerous approach because it places a major emphasis on UK and US stocks in its asset allocation.

Additionally, Moneyfarm uses a tiered fee structure, with accounts under £10 000 subject to an annual management fee of 0.75%. For accounts worth more than £100 000, these fees can be as low as 0.35%.

With a straightforward price structure and broadly diversified portfolios for investors who typically find it difficult to access wealth managers or even financial advice, Moneyfarm has positioned itself in the market as being excellent for novices. Their website displays a comprehensive four-year solid reputation of their portfolios’ achievement in addition to offering world’s best stocks and shares ISA.

Moneyfarm now requires a minimum investment of £500 and a minimum monthly direct debit of £100.

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4. Moneybox

moneybox  Best Robo Advisors

Moneybox, a different UK robo advisor, promotes account holders to save and invest their spare cash by adhering to the “rounding up” approach. This robo advisor is different from many other applications available because they focus considerably more on encouraging account holders to save money. In addition, they even provide 0.6percent AER on its 95-Day Notice Savings Account.

Anyone may start investing with as little as £1 according to Moneybox, which has set out to make robo-investing as easy and accessible as possible. Their Stocks ISA, Lifetime ISA, General Investment, Pension, or Junior ISA can all be used to make investments. They offer a socially responsible investing fund in addition to three beginning funds.

The charges that Moneybox levies are greatly influenced by the type of account you create and the balance in your account. All non-pension accounts are subject to a £1 monthly subscription fee, which can quickly start to deplete smaller account balances. You should also budget for an annual platform charge of 0.45% and fund costs that range from 0.12% to 0.30%.

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5. Wealthify

wealthify Best Robo Advisors

Wealthify uses a fully automated investment approach to pair clients with portfolios that fit their level of risk tolerance. They invest in a variety of ETFs, which keeps expenses down and allows them to pass those savings forward to their clients. Wealthify will become an Aviva Group subsidiary in 2020, giving the robo advisor the stability and financial support of a big financial organization.

Wealthify is the best option for novice investors, in part because of their user-friendly app and in part due to the fact that they take investments starting at just £1. Additionally, they won several honors in 2020, taking home top place in both the Investor Choice Awards and the British Bank Awards.

Wealthify has kept the costs low with an annual charge of 0.6%; in addition, you can anticipate paying about 0.22% for their standard plans and 0.66% for their ethical programs. For portfolios under £10,000, this turns out to be fantastic value, while for larger portfolios, it can start to add up.

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6. Plum


For people who have problems saving a lot of money, Plum is a terrific tool. They analyze your income and expenses using advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence to find the money you can save without even realizing it. Plum will link to your bank account to accomplish this, allowing it to identify areas where it believes you are overspending on household expenses and offer suggestions for switching service providers.

While Plum gives you the option to invest your money, doing so requires you to pay £1 per month to switch to either General Investment Account or Stocks & Shares ISA. Plum’s free basic savings account is a great place to start because it has no fees.

Investors can access 10 Vanguard Lifestrategy high, medium, or low investment portfolios with Plum.  Their Tech Giants fund has outperformed its comparable group on average over the past five years, with returns of 252.85%. You can choose funds based on your level of risk tolerance, but it’s essential to be aware that smaller accounts will quickly become unprofitable due to the £1 monthly account fee.

7. Evestor


Smaller robo advisor Evestor (by OpenMoney) targets novice investors.

Investors can select an ISA, a pension package, or a general investment account, with deposits starting at £1.

Its holding company, OpenMoney, was founded in 2017 and is a conventional investment firm. It offers fully managed portfolios and individualized financial counseling to a market segment that is typically excluded from receiving such services.

Budget-consciousness runs deep within the OpenMoney crew, as co-founder Duncan is also one of the people behind MoneySupermarket.

OpenMoney obtained permission from the FCA to offer financial advice in addition to robo advisor services, which is one of the major differences between it and other smaller UK robo advisors.

The business doesn’t disclose any financial information regarding its backers or the assets it oversees.

8. Scalable Capital

Scalable Capital

Exposure to a hugely diversified and wide range of markets is provided by Scalable Capital. Your basket may actually include investment possibilities from over 90 different nations. This includes all, and it is all covered by ETFs, from stocks to corporate and government bonds to property investment to commodity markets to cash.

The Scalable Capital team uses many ETFs that are supported by Vanguard and iShares. As a result, you will profit from suppliers who, in the majority of situations, supply very affordable maintenance rates. While we’re talking about fees, you will be charged 0.75% yearly as long as your Scalable Capital account is active.

Your total annual cost will be 0.91% after adding in the average ETF cost of 0.16%. Based on the customized portfolio that has been created for you, this may be a little higher or lower.

The minimum investment required by Scalable Capital is £10,000.

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9. Wealthsimple


One of the leading robo advisor investment platforms worldwide, Wealthsimple is based in Canada. Over £3 billion is currently being managed by the site, and it also has 175,000 investors. Since then, Wealthsimple has opened its doors to investors in the UK. Your money is secure thanks to a collaboration with FSCS and an FCA license. For a variety of reasons, UK investors prefer Wealthsimple.

First and foremost, you have a huge selection of portfolios to pick from with its robo advisor option. This depends, as always, on the risk-to-reward ratio you want to use. Naturally, the particular weighting will depend on the risk level you choose.

Additionally, getting started rarely takes longer than a few minutes, and you may apply for an account online or with a mobile device. As a result, unless you have investment plans exceeding £100,000, you will be assigned to the basic account. There is a fixed annual cost of 0.7% for this as well as an average fund fee of 0.2%.

You may fill your account at Wealthsimple using a UK debit card or bank transfer, and there is no minimum balance requirement. The dividend reinvestment strategy of Wealthsimple is one of its key features that we particularly like. By enabling this, every dividend from stocks and exchange-traded funds in your portfolio will be reinvested autonomously. This enables you to use compound interest to grow your money more quickly.

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10. The Vanguard Group


For people who are already knowledgeable with it or clients of The Vanguard Group, there is a brand-new robo-advisor.

For investors looking for a mix of algorithmic and human investment guidance and who have a medium to a big portfolio, Vanguard has positioned itself in the market. They debuted their new Digital Advisor service in 2020 with the intention of offering consumers a pot of £3,000 or more financial counseling, along with suggestions on how to get out of debt.

Naturally, Vanguard provides its own funds, which are less expensive to access than if you used a different provider. For every £10,000 under their management, Vanguard predicts that you will pay about £15 in fees annually, which in the current market is a good deal.

What is a Robo Advisor?

A robo advisor is an online investment platform that matches you with the right portfolio by asking you a few questions about your investment philosophy. It then utilizes its own proprietary algorithms to handle your money. Based on sophisticated algorithms and artificial intelligence, this serves as a form of financial guidance. It’s a hands-off method of investing your money that enables both new and experienced investors to periodically check on their portfolio without having to become knowledgeable about stock market trading.

In order to make investment decisions on your behalf, a robo advisor should just need access to your bank account information and a few questions to determine your risk tolerance. You won’t be trading, and you probably won’t be aware of the ownership of the stocks, shares, and bonds you purchased. Instead, you take a back seat and let the computer decide for you.

 What Instruments Are Offered by Robo Advisors UK?

The finest robo advisors include a variety of popular retirement and tax-deferral alternatives utilized in the UK along with a general investing or trading account. One or more of the following goods, if not all, may be offered by a typical robo advisor:

The tax advantages available through Junior ISAs or Lifetime ISAs may also be accessed using the same robo advisor platform. However, because they are not financial products, these accounts won’t have access to the greatest robo advisor products.

Benefits of Robo Advisors

Given their phenomenal performance, robo advise offers a comprehensive number of potential advantages, which is not surprising.

  • Low price: For two key reasons, robo-advisors are less expensive than traditional discretionary managers: they don’t have to pay the same management fees, and the underlying investments, which are often passive funds, have lower continuing fees.
  • Diversification: By making an investment in a portfolio maintained by a robo-advisor, you are immediately exposed to many different investment vehicles, notably bonds and stocks. You will typically have a wide variety of underlying holdings invested, though the allocation may change based on the level of risk.
  • Simplicity: A robo-advisor portfolio provides a simple solution because it handles asset allocation and day-to-day management. You are not required to choose your own investments, rebalance your portfolio, or respond to fluctuations in the short-term stock market.


Utilizing a robo advisor has the advantage that these solutions often build robo advisor portfolios utilizing tried-and-true theories. Every portfolio is created to enhance long-term profit while minimising risk. Additionally, quality products will have the necessary support from the Financial Conduct Authority and FSCS, ensuring that your initial investment is safeguarded in the event that the supplier goes out of business.

Robotic advisors are not a universally applicable option. In fact, there are presently a lot of items that have noticeable distinctions. But if you want to use a low-maintenance investment method, the effort you spend looking into providers will probably be worthwhile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can beginners use robo-advisors?

Yes, robo advisors are beneficial to novice investors since they automatically allocate stocks, shares, and funds, typically in exchange-traded funds (ETF).

Do Robo Advisors outperform the market?

While it is extremely unusual for a robo advisor (or even a human financial advisor) to outperform the market over the long run, the index fund investing technique will frequently do it at a lower cost than if you had used a financial counselor. Given all other factors being equal, a robo advisor can outperform active management returns thanks to the added cost savings.

How safe are robo advisors?

When investing, there is always a certain degree of risk involved, and you should be ready to lose some or all of your money. However, robo advisors are subject to Financial Conduct Authority regulation as an investment vehicle, and many of them also provide FSCS protection.