Best Crypto Sign-Up Bonus in UK 2022

No inexperienced cryptocurrency trader would decline a free bonus or free cryptocurrency in return for joining a specific exchange. And in order to attract more customers, many cryptocurrency exchanges provide a crypto sign-up bonus to new users.

Because they can utilize these bonuses to place trades and make gains without risking their own money, novice cryptocurrency traders choose to open trading accounts with crypto exchanges that provide them with a variety of bonuses.

To make it simpler for you to select the exchange you will enjoy trading with, we have ranked the top crypto exchanges with an outstanding crypto sign-up bonus.

Best Crypto Sign-Up Bonus in UK 2022

What is a Crypto Bonus?

Crypto exchanges utilize a specific kind of incentive scheme called crypto bonuses to attract new investors. Different cryptocurrency bonuses and promotions exist. However, sign-up incentives, referral bonuses, and reward bonuses are the three main categories.


  • Bonuses for referrals are a reliable source of additional money.
  • Without putting your deposited funds in danger, you can trade using your sign-up incentives.
  • When trading with your sign-up bonuses, you can earn some great earnings that you can cash out.


  • To qualify for a sign-up bonus, you often need to make a certain amount of money in deposits.
  • You cannot withdraw a few bonuses until you fulfil specific trading restrictions.
  • Sometimes the requirements to receive and withdraw the bonus are excessively strict, making the effort not worthwhile.

Types of Crypto Bonus

Crypto Sign-Up Bonus

A form of bonus given by a bitcoin trading platform to its new users as compensation for creating an account is known as a crypto sign-up bonus. From cryptocurrency exchange to cryptocurrency exchange, the sign-up incentive varies. It is often granted following account verification and the addition of a specific sum of money to your account balance. You might need to complete a deal before receiving the sign-up bonus on some cryptocurrency exchanges.

Crypto Reward program

A type of cryptocurrency bonus is a scheme that requires the trader to do tasks in order to obtain rewards.

For instance, Coinbase rewards its users with free cryptocurrency through a program called Coinbase Earn. Simply view a few videos about an available cryptocurrency of your choosing and pass a test or quiz to get free cryptocurrency.

Crypto Referral Bonus

Participants in a crypto referral program receive compensation for referring new users to the cryptocurrency. A cryptocurrency referral program creates a special registration link for each customer of the online broker or cryptocurrency exchange. A trader receives a crypto referral incentive in the form of free cryptocurrency or cash when a new account is opened using their registration link.

Best Crypto sign-up Bonus in 2022

1. Huobi Global

Popular cryptocurrency exchange Huobi Global has a manageable $100 minimum deposit requirement. Due to its extensive selection of more than 300 coins, Huobi Global distinguishes out from other cryptocurrency exchanges.

A $170 sign-up bonus is available to all new users who engage in specific trading activities. Every customer of this cryptocurrency exchange is eligible for its referral program. You earn a 15% commission on all trading activity carried out by your referee over the course of a year for each new user who registers with Huobi Global using your referral link.

Huobi Global Crypto sign-up Bonus

2. Coinbase

The cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is well-liked, especially among newcomers. It allows you to trade a huge selection of digital currencies, like XRP, BitcoinCash, LTC, Ethereum, and so many more.

If you validate your account by uploading a photo of your ID or making one trade, UK clients can get a $5 sign-up bonus. Users who sign up through a referral link are not eligible for this offer.

With the use of Coinbase’s referral program, you can make a referral link that you can distribute to anybody you choose. Both you and the person you referred get $10 when they sign up using your referral link and make their first trade of at least $100. However, the referral link is only good for 90 days; beyond that, you must establish a new one.

In addition, Coinbase offers a rewards program called Coinbase Earn for those who wish to get paid to learn about new cryptocurrencies.

Coinbase earn


For Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrency trading and tokens, is a fantastic option. Cryptocurrencies are widely available to traders and can be freely transferred, converted, and swapped for fiat money.

Users of receive a $50 sign-up bonus after performing trade and putting at least $20 into their account. However, if you sign up through a referral link, you’ll also get a tokenized stock worth up to $100 and a three-month, 10% trading fee reduction. Similar to this, if someone registers using your referral code, you receive a tokenized stock worth up to $100 and 50% of their trading fees for six months if you create a referral link and publish it.

4. Gemini 

Another well-liked cryptocurrency trading platform is Gemini. Gemini, like Coinbase, stands apart from the competition because of its emphasis on security and transparency. It offers cryptocurrency savings accounts and supports more than 25 different currencies.

For new users, Gemini is now providing a $25 cryptocurrency incentive (paid in Bitcoin). You must trade $100 within three days of opening your account to be eligible.


5. Kraken

For trading Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Cardano, Ripple, and many other cryptocurrencies, Kraken is a fantastic option. Among all cryptocurrency trading platforms, Kraken has one of the lowest trading fees. You will only pay 0.26 percent to acquire cryptocurrency on Kraken Pro and 0.16 percent to sell it.

The regular referral program for this cryptocurrency exchange enables users to make referral links and invite others to sign up using those links. 20 percent of the total trading fees paid by their referees will go to them.

The referral bonus is up to $1,000 per account and covers the account’s lifetime trading fees.


6. Binance

Because it offers more than 400 cryptocurrencies and has some of the lowest crypto trading fees on the market, Binance is currently among the most well-known cryptocurrency exchanges.

New users can receive up to a $100 sign-up bonus if they complete a few easy activities within the first week of signing up. When the total amount of losses exceeds the bonus value, you may withdraw your bonus.

Additionally, you can make a referral link to earn up to 40% of your referees’ overall trading fees.

binance Crypto sign-up Bonus

7. eToro

Although eToro has long had success abroad, the business has just lately allowed UK cryptocurrency investors access. If you utilise eToro, you’ll undoubtedly be delighted with the wide range of digital assets the platform provides.

One of eToro’s finest benefits is a free practise account, which you can use. You can practise before using real money because the practise account is funded with made-up funds. We found this tool to be useful as we make our way through the challenging learning curve involved with investing in cryptocurrency.

 Along with all the wonderful features, eToro also offers a sizable incentive. You’ll get a $10 bonus when you set up an account and purchase at least $100 worth of cryptocurrency. September 30, 2022, is the cutoff date for executing these trades and receiving the bonus.



You may buy, sell, and earn cryptocurrencies on the low-cost cryptocurrency exchange The platform is very secure and provides two-factor authentication, theft protection, and FDIC protection on USD holdings.

For new users, provides a variety of choices, such as coin reductions and refund options. Additionally, it offers a substantial cryptocurrency bonus to new account holders. When new users stake in 1,000 CROs as their initial stake, they can get a $10 sign-up incentive. Crypto sign-up Bonus

9. Nexo 

Nexo, one of the world’s most well-known crypto exchange platforms, allows its customers to receive compound interest on their daily paid-up cryptocurrency.

It is also the first blockchain business that offers its services in more than 200 jurisdictions and 40 or more fiat currencies. The handling of $30+ billion for upwards of 2 million consumers globally has been made possible as a consequence of their efforts to maximise the value and usability of cryptocurrencies.

Nexo has increased their regular sign-up promotion from $10 to $25 (now $100) for a brief period of time! You have the chance to do this by depositing $1,000 in supported crypto assets and receiving a $100 BTC bonus.


10. Bitstamp 

Bitstamp is a reputable cryptocurrency trading platform that was formed in 2011 and has its corporate headquarters in London. In actuality, it’s the first national licensed cryptocurrency exchange and the oldest in the world.

When you purchase and hold Ethereum (ETH) and Algorand (ALGO) for a minimum of 30 days, Bitstamp will give you a $50 cryptocurrency bonus. This promotion is open to both new and current users.


How to receive a Crypto sign-up Bonus?

Here’s how to sign up and receive a Huobi crypto bonus:

Step 1: Create an Account

Log in with your email address or Google account to create a new Huobi trading account. Remember to include your referral code if you have received one from someone when you sign up.

Huobi Global Crypto sign-up Bonus

Step 2: Verify Your Account

Huobi demands identity verification from new users. You must present a valid ID card with your address clearly displayed.

Huobi Global verification

Step 3: Get your crypto Bonus

You can now start completing the tasks necessary for Huobi to consider you for a welcome bonus. Within 3 working days, the money earned from each activity will be immediately credited to your account.


Any novice trader has a fantastic opportunity to gain some free money they may use to learn how to trade and make some money with a crypto sign-up bonus. Therefore, you should pick a broker that provides you with an alluring sign-up bonus without too many onerous requirements.

Try to locate a referral link and use it if the crypto exchange offers a referral program that entitles you to a sign-up bonus. Also, remember to make your referral link and share it with others so that you can earn bonuses for each new user that registers using it, as well as earn passive income if the program pays a percentage of the trading costs of your referrals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a single cryptocurrency exchange to create several referral links?

Yes, you can do so on a few crypto exchanges, though not all of them.

If I sign up through a referral link, will I still be eligible for a crypto sign-up bonus?

Your choice of the cryptocurrency exchange will determine this. Normally, you are eligible for both bonuses, but certain cryptocurrency exchanges may refuse to grant you a sign-up bonus if you use a referral link to sign up.

Where can I share a referral link?

A referral link can be distributed in many different ways. Typically, users post their referral links on their blogs, YouTube channels, or social networking pages. However, you can also share them on forums for cryptocurrency traders.

Can I make referral links for different cryptocurrency exchanges?

You can make referral links from as many cryptocurrency exchanges as you choose, yes. You don’t need to actively trade with that cryptocurrency exchange in order to generate a referral link and make money; the majority of crypto exchanges enable each of their users to do so.