How to Buy MicroStrategy Stock in 2024

How to Buy MicroStrategy Stock in 2024

MicroStrategy stock stands out among publicly traded companies for its bold adoption of Bitcoin as a primary asset, diverging from its traditional enterprise software roots. This move, spearheaded by Executive Chairman Michael Saylor, has not only reshaped the company’s trajectory but also captured the attention of investors seeking exposure to the burgeoning cryptocurrency market.

With its stock performance closely tied to the cryptocurrency’s movements, investors are eyeing opportunities to participate in MicroStrategy’s unique approach to wealth accumulation. If you’re considering investing in MSTR, here’s a comprehensive guide on how to invest in MicroStrategy stock in 2024.

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Understanding MicroStrategy’s Investment Strategy

Before delving into the intricacies of purchasing MicroStrategy stock, it’s crucial to grasp the company’s investment strategy, particularly its heavy involvement in Bitcoin. Since 2020, MicroStrategy has been accumulating Bitcoin aggressively, amassing a substantial holding of 193,000 Bitcoins by 2024. This strategic shift has propelled MicroStrategy stock price, with gains exceeding 800%, despite stagnant revenue in its core enterprise software business.

MicroStrategy Stock price

Factors to Consider Before Investing

Before investing in MicroStrategy stock, several critical factors warrant careful consideration to make an informed decision.

  1. Evaluation of MicroStrategy’s Financials: Firstly, it’s imperative to evaluate MicroStrategy’s financials comprehensively. While the company’s foray into Bitcoin has undoubtedly fueled its stock performance, investors should not overlook its core business metrics. Analyzing revenue trends, debt levels, and operating income provides insight into the company’s overall financial health and sustainability. Despite the allure of Bitcoin investments, MicroStrategy’s ability to generate consistent revenue and profitability in its traditional enterprise software business remains crucial for long-term shareholder value.
  2. Bitcoin Price Volatility: Secondly, the influence of Bitcoin’s price volatility on MicroStrategy’s stock cannot be overstated. As a company with significant exposure to Bitcoin, fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market directly impact MicroStrategy’s performance. While soaring Bitcoin prices have contributed to MicroStrategy’s remarkable stock gains, sharp downturns in the cryptocurrency’s value can lead to substantial losses for MSTR shareholders. Investors must be prepared for the inherent risks associated with such volatility and consider their risk tolerance accordingly.
  3. Debt and Equity Financing: Additionally, understanding how MicroStrategy finances its Bitcoin purchases is essential. The company predominantly utilizes debt and equity financing to fund its Bitcoin acquisitions, leveraging its balance sheet to capitalize on investment opportunities in the cryptocurrency market. While this strategy has enabled MicroStrategy to amass a substantial Bitcoin portfolio, it also comes with risks. Increasing debt levels and share dilution can strain the company’s financial stability and erode shareholder value over time. Investors should carefully assess the implications of MicroStrategy’s financing decisions on its long-term prospects and financial resilience.

How to invest in MicroStrategy Stock?

  1. Selecting the Right Brokerage Platform: To initiate the process of purchasing MicroStrategy stock, investors need to choose a reputable brokerage platform. Among the various options available, eToro emerges as a preferred choice due to its user-friendly interface, 0% commission on stock trades, and access to global markets.
  2. Creating a Brokerage Account: Once the brokerage platform is chosen, investors are required to create an account by providing personal details and completing the registration process. This step ensures access to the platform’s features and functionalities.
  3. Funding the Brokerage Account: After successful registration, investors need to fund their brokerage accounts using the payment method of their choice. eToro offers a seamless deposit process, allowing investors to add funds securely and swiftly.
  4. Researching MicroStrategy Stock (MSTR): Before making any investment decisions, thorough research into MicroStrategy’s stock is crucial. This involves analyzing MSTR’s historical performance, underlying business fundamentals, market trends, and expert opinions. While MicroStrategy’s bold Bitcoin strategy has garnered attention, investors must evaluate its potential risks and rewards.
  5. Executing the Purchase: With funds deposited and research conducted, investors can proceed to purchase MSTR shares through the brokerage platform. They have the option to place either a market order, buying at the current market price, or a limit order, specifying a desired purchase price. Upon confirmation, the order is executed, and investors become shareholders of MicroStrategy.


Investing in MicroStrategy stock in 2024 offers an opportunity to participate in the company’s innovative Bitcoin-focused investment strategy. By understanding MicroStrategy’s financials, evaluating market dynamics, and following a systematic approach to purchasing stock, investors can make informed decisions aligned with their financial goals. With the right brokerage partner and diligent research, buying MicroStrategy stock can be a rewarding endeavor in the dynamic landscape of cryptocurrency-influenced investments.

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