Paypal Share Price Prediction: Can PYPL Double In The Next Five Years?

Paypal Share Price Prediction: Can PYPL Double In The Next 5 Years?

PayPal Share has been a prominent player in the fintech industry for several years, providing digital payment solutions to millions of users and businesses worldwide. In recent times, the company’s stock performance has been a subject of interest and debate among investors.

Despite experiencing significant growth during the pandemic, PayPal shares faced headwinds as pandemic-era tailwinds faded and inflationary pressures affected its performance. However, there is growing speculation that PayPal shares might experience a resurgence and potentially double in value over the next five years. In this analysis, we will delve into the factors influencing PayPal share outlook, exploring both short-term and long-term forecasts.

Short-term Outlook for PayPal Share Price

The company has a good short-term outlook due in part to PayPal’s recent performance, which has outperformed market expectations, especially in the third quarter of the year. The company’s revenue of $7.42 billion was marginally higher than predicted, while its adjusted earnings per share of $1.30 beat the estimated $1.23. Furthermore, PayPal bolstered its executive team with the announcement that Jamie Miller would be joining the company as CFO.

During the early stages of the pandemic, PayPal experienced robust growth, with revenue surging as business closures and social distancing measures accelerated the shift toward online shopping. The stock nearly tripled in value between January 2020 and July 2021. However, as pandemic-related tailwinds subsided, inflationary pressures began to curb growth and impact profit margins. This led to Wall Street’s disenchantment with the company, causing its stock to decline by 81% from its all-time high.

paypal share price history

Despite these challenges, there is optimism that PayPal could regain its financial momentum in the short term. The company has adopted a strategy of stabilizing growth and optimizing its cost structure. Instead of striving to double its active accounts by 2025, PayPal is focusing on increasing user engagement and prioritizing its efforts in three key areas: digital wallets, branded checkout, and unbranded checkout. These strategic shifts have already made a significant impact, leading to a resurgence in the company’s financial performance. In the most recent quarter, revenue increased by 7% to reach $7.3 billion, and GAAP net income improved to $1 billion, a significant turnaround from the previous year’s loss of $341 million.

The management’s guidance for the second half of the year is positive, with expectations of 9% revenue growth and a remarkable 20% non-GAAP earnings growth. PayPal’s focus on value-added services and branded PayPal checkout, which yields higher margins compared to its unbranded Braintree checkout, offers potential for further profitability.

Long-term Outlook for PayPal Share Price

Looking beyond the short term, PayPal Share Price’s long-term stock forecast is influenced by several key factors.

  1. Leadership in Online Payment Processing: PayPal’s ability to communicate with businesses and customers in both directions is one of its strongest points. When it comes to combating fraud, PayPal has an edge because this method enables comprehensive data collecting on both sides of the transaction. According to the company, it has the best authorization and loss rates in the industry. PayPal is the digital wallet that is most often used in North America and Europe. Additionally, it holds a dominant 41% of the market for online payment processing, nearly matching the combined market shares of its following four competitors. With e-commerce continuing to rise, PayPal will benefit greatly from this trend.
  2. Expansion into Physical Retail: In an effort to increase its footprint in physical retail, PayPal is forming important partnerships, one of which is with Apple. Thanks to this partnership, American customers can connect credit and debit cards bearing the PayPal and Venmo brands to their Apple Wallets. With Apple Pay’s ubiquity among American consumers as a mobile wallet in-store, this collaboration may provide a significant boost to PayPal’s expansion.

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Revenue Growth Potential

Historically, PayPal has seen faster revenue growth than retail e-commerce sales. The company’s plans to enter the brick-and-mortar retail space could accelerate this growth. Over the next ten years, analysts project that PayPal’s revenue might expand at a rate of 11% annually. There is potential for significant growth given its present valuation, which is 2.3 times sales—the lowest multiple in the company’s history. PayPal’s market capitalization, which is currently $63 billion, could climb threefold if it maintains this revenue growth and is valued at 3.2 times sales by 2030—a plausible projection when contrasted to its five-year average of 7.8 times sales.

Revenue Growth Potential

Valuation Upside

While PayPal’s stock has faced challenges and experienced a decline, this situation has created an opportunity for investors. At the time of this analysis, the stock traded at a trailing price-to-earnings ratio of approximately 15.1, nearing its all-time low. This relatively low valuation offers a potential for significant upside, especially when compared to its peak price-to-earnings ratio of 109.4 in June 2020. Buying stocks at cheaper valuations can provide greater potential for returns and introduce a margin of safety.

Positive Analyst Forecasts

Wall Street analysts are generally optimistic about PayPal’s outlook. Between 2023 and 2027, the average forecast suggests that the company can achieve compound annual growth rates of 10.4% in revenue and 26.3% in diluted earnings per share. These projections indicate strong potential for the stock to perform well if it delivers results in line with these expectations.


While PayPal faced challenges in recent years, the short-term and long-term outlooks for its stock appear promising. In the short term, the company’s positive financial performance and strategic adjustments have led to improved results, instilling confidence among investors. In the long term, PayPal’s leadership in online payment processing, expansion into physical retail, revenue growth potential, attractive valuation, and positive analyst forecasts create a compelling case for substantial future growth.

While doubling in the next five years is an ambitious goal, the necessary ingredients for PayPal to achieve this potential resurgence and appreciation in value are in place. Whether you are a short-term or long-term investor, PayPal’s stock presents opportunities that should not be overlooked, and its historic buying opportunity could offer attractive returns for those who seize it.

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