10 Hot Upcoming US IPOs Shaping 2023 and Beyond

10 Hot Upcoming US IPOs Shaping 2023 and Beyond

The US IPO market is experiencing a revitalization, emerging from a prolonged drought with promising signs of life. Q3 2023 marked a notable increase in activity, with 37 US IPOs on US exchanges raising $8.5 billion.

While the market is yet to recover fully, several high-profile companies are gearing up to go public, showcasing the potential for a dynamic IPO landscape in the coming months. This article explores 10 hot upcoming US IPOs to watch for, each with its unique value proposition and market dynamics.

1. Stripe: Unveiling Fintech’s Powerhouse ($74 Billion Estimated Market Cap):


Established in 2010 by the Collison brothers, Stripe has evolved into a fintech giant, providing economic infrastructure for digital payments globally. Initially valued at $95 billion in March 2021, a subsequent revision places its estimated market cap at $74 billion. Speculation around a potential IPO intensified in mid-2021 when the company considered a direct listing, signaling its readiness to go public.

2. Shein: Fashioning a Gen-Z Empire ($64 Billion Estimated Market Cap):


Chinese fast-fashion giant Shein is poised to enter the IPO arena, projecting robust revenues of $58.5 billion by 2025. With strategic funding rounds, including participation from General Atlantic, Shein aims for a late 2023 IPO, potentially becoming one of the world’s top 10 fashion companies by market cap.

3. TikTok Global: A Social Media Phenomenon ($50 Billion Estimated Market Cap):


TikTok Global, the international arm of ByteDance-owned TikTok, has long been anticipated to go public. Regulatory hurdles delayed its offshore listing plans, but recent speculations hint at a US IPO. Valued between $50 billion and $60 billion, TikTok Global’s listing plans are eagerly awaited, with no official dates yet.

4. Chime: Bridging the Fintech Gap ($40 Billion Estimated Market Cap):


Technically a fintech rather than a bank, Chime has amassed millions of customers in middle- and lower-income demographics. Initially eyeing a March 2022 IPO, Chime shifted focus to developing new services, leading to a $40 billion valuation in January 2022. As it navigates the evolving fintech landscape, Chime remains a potential IPO standout.

5. Databricks: Powering the Data Revolution ($31 Billion Estimated Market Cap):


Databricks, a software company pioneering cloud-based data storage with machine learning, attracted attention with a $38 billion valuation in August 2021. Despite a subsequent adjustment to $31 billion in October 2022, the anticipation for its IPO remains high. Databricks’ machine-learning and AI capabilities position it as a key player in the data management space.

6. Starlink: Connecting the World ($30 Billion Estimated Market Cap):


Starlink, a satellite network under SpaceX, aims to provide global high-speed internet access. While Elon Musk confirmed plans for an IPO, the timeline hinges on predicting Starlink’s cash flow. With Forbes estimating a $30 billion valuation by 2025, the IPO’s outcome will be influenced by market conditions and SpaceX’s performance.

7. Discord: Amplifying Online Connections ($15 Billion Estimated Market Cap):


San Francisco-based Discord, a voice-over-internet protocol company, experienced a valuation jump from $7.3 billion to $15 billion in 2021. As a platform connecting users through online communities, Discord’s IPO remains speculative, with no set date. Its unique positioning in the online connectivity space adds intrigue to its potential public debut.

8. Reddit: Bridging Finance and Social Media ($15 Billion Estimated Market Cap):


Reddit, a renowned social media platform, gained prominence during the Gamestop short squeeze and has been considering an IPO. With IPO advisers Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs on board, Reddit’s IPO plans were momentarily delayed. Recent rumors suggest a potential revival in 2023, potentially at a lower valuation than the initially targeted $15 billion.

9. Instacart: Transforming Grocery Delivery ($14.2 Billion Estimated Market Cap):


Instacart, a grocery delivery service founded in 2012, has been contemplating a public listing for two years. Strategic decisions, including the appointment of a new CEO and a focus on business growth, showcase its commitment to navigating market dynamics. Despite valuation fluctuations from $39 billion to $10 billion, Instacart remains a key player in the grocery delivery space.

10. Blockchain.com: Navigating the Crypto Landscape ($14 Billion Estimated Market Value):


London-based crypto-trading platform Blockchain.com is rumored to plan a US IPO in 2023. Initial valuations of $14 billion in March 2022 faced a significant reduction to $3 billion within six months, reflecting economic instability and growing regulation. The impact of this valuation shift on Blockchain.com’s IPO plans remains uncertain.

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The resurgence of the US IPO market in Q3 2023 sets the stage for a wave of transformative public listings. From fintech giants to social media phenomena and pioneers in data management, each company presents a unique narrative shaping its journey towards an IPO. As these anticipated IPOs navigate market conditions, investor sentiments, and global dynamics, they reflect the evolving landscape of innovation and opportunity. The coming months promise a captivating saga of financial evolution, with these 10 hot upcoming US IPOs serving as trailblazers in defining the future of their respective industries. Investors and enthusiasts alike are eagerly poised to witness the unfolding of these corporate stories, each contributing to the dynamic tapestry of the financial markets in 2023 and beyond.

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